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Windhoek Gymnasium has a secondary school in Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek (Namibia). With our approach, the national Namibian curriculum and international Cambridge curriculum run parallel, with the goal of phasing out the Namibian curriculum by 2025. This could ultimately grant our learners access to a variety of national and international universities. Teaching takes place in English, we have a wide variety of specialised subjects, and we form part of the Curro school group. In addition, our learners use iPads in class and we have a boarding school.

Get an overview of everything we can offer you on our fact sheet.


We include the Cambridge curriculum

The Cambridge curriculum provides an advanced level of teaching with rigorous assessments and a unique approach to providing knowledge and education of realities, lifestyles, socio-economic situations (and more) of countries across the world.

This year’s Grade 12 learners still write Namibia’s national exams. From next year, Grade 11 learners will be introduced to the Cambridge exams by writing the international IGCSE exam. Then they will prepare for the final AS Level exam in matric (2025) – our first matric class to do so! This is a great benefit for your child, because the AS Level exam could grant learners access to all UK universities and over 600 universities in the USA (including IV League).


How big are our classes

We control the number of learners per class so that our teachers have the time and space to give personal attention to each learner, in exactly the places that they need. This is just one of the ways that we create an environment where your child will enjoy what they learn and love coming to school.


More than academics

We go beyond the classroom to provide our learners with an excellent education – most notably by international tours that expose learners to the wonders of other countries. We have an annual culture tour to Europe, and bi-annual exchange programmes to Germany.


We use iPads in class

Technology has become a part of our daily lives and our learners are comfortable around it. By using technology in class, we meet learners where they are and give them a head start in the technology they will use in their eventual workplace. This is why all our learners may view textbooks on tablets or in hard copy.


Activities your child can enjoy

As a secondary school in Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek, we balance academics with sports and cultural activities. Participation in activities promote team-awareness, collaboration, and self-confidence. Our wide variety of activities, such as tennis and netball, are tailored to the interests of learners in our area. Your child is sure to find something that will pique their interest.

See which activities we can offer you on our fact sheet.


Curro Alumni – let’s connect

Curro Alumni aims to reconnect former matriculants with one another and keep them updated on developments within the Curro family. By treasuring our past, we can build our future together. We hope to build a meaningful and personal connection with our members by sharing their success stories and staying updated on their lives through social media.

Alumni members enjoy several benefits, including exclusive offers for their children at selected schools. View Curro Alumni’s webpage for more information.

Discover what your former classmates have been up to by reading their success stories:

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8 to 12 

Matric exam

Cambridge AS Levels
(see fact sheet)

Monthly fees

N$7 350

School times

07:15 – 13:25
(Fridays until 12:30)

Boarding school