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Windhoek Gymnasium has a primary school in Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek (Namibia). We provide an excellent education to learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7. We follow the Namibian school curriculum, enriched in a manner that will ultimately enable your child to progress to the Cambridge curriculum which will soon be offered in secondary school. We limit our class sizes to make sure that learners get personal attention, and teaching takes place in English, Afrikaans, and German. We also form part of the Curro school group, and have aftercare and boarding school options. Our learners even have Robotics and Bible Education as subjects!

Get an overview of everything we can offer you on our fact sheet.


You get an excellent education

We are committed to providing learners with an excellent education. That is why we take an enhanced approach to the curriculum. This provides your child with an all-round development that includes academic, physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being – and comfortable progression to the Cambridge curriculum that is followed in our secondary school from Grade 10.

With us, your child can grow into a confident person who will be ready for their further, more formal, education and ultimately become a leader who can take charge in their own lives and make a great contribution to society.

Also, as part of the Curro school group, we can tap into a wide network of teachers and support that can ultimately give your child an excellent education that stretches beyond the classroom.


How big are the classes

We carefully control the number of learners per class, so that our teachers have the time and space to give personal attention to each learner, in exactly the places that they need. This is just one of the ways that we create an environment where your child will enjoy what they learn, love coming to school, and get a solid foundation on which further learning is built.


We teach in English, Afrikaans and German

We know that our community is proficient in a range of languages. That is why our classes are presented in English, Afrikaans, or German until Grade 6, with Afrikaans or English as second languages. From grade 7 learners are gradually introduced to English as the main language of instruction, in preparation for high school. Furthermore, learners are introduced to project-based learning and our excellent curriculum includes Robotics, computer skills, music, and more.


Discover our subjects, activities, school times, and everything else you would like to know on our fact sheet.


Activities your child can enjoy

One part of the excellent Curro education, is that academics are balanced with sports and cultural activities. Participation in activities promote team-awareness, collaboration, and self-confidence. As a primary school in Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek, our wide range of activities are tailored to the interests of our learners. Activities such as drama and orators even give learners a boost in their education, because they help your child become confident in formulating their ideas and making their voice heard.

Quick Facts


English, Afrikaans, German


1 to 7

Monthly fees

N$5 980


07:30 – 13:00
(end times vary)


Until 17:30

Boarding school

From Grade 6