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Windhoek Gymnasium High School

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Boarding school

Our boarding school offers safe, modern accommodation for learners from Grade 6. With a maximum of four learners per room, free Wi-Fi, laundry and housekeeping facilities, comfortable learning areas, and supervision by dedicated teachers and assistants, our boarding school is a safe, comforting home away from home.


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Excellent activity facilities

Our wide variety of sports and cultural activities are hosted on excellent courts and fields. This is all part of our commitment to providing learners with a balanced education that stretches beyond just academics.

Our activity facilities include the following:

  • 1 000-seater school hall
  • Cafeteria
  • Rhino-Turf rugby field
  • AstroTurf hockey field
  • Matric lounge


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Windhoek Gymnasium has a secondary school in Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek (Namibia). With our approach, the national Namibian curriculum and international Cambridge curriculum run parallel, which could ultimately grant our learners access to a variety of national and international universities. Teaching takes place in English, we have a wide variety of specialised subjects, and we form part of the Curro school group. In addition, our learners use iPads in class and we have a boarding school.

Contact us to arrange a tour of our campus, or to enquire about our next open day.


Windhoek Gymnasium, schools in Windhoek, Curro school


Our history

On 17 January 2007, our school opened its doors for the first time, with 280 learners from Grades 1 to 8. This number grew to 340 learners towards the end of 2007 and, in 2008, we added the secondary school. Our total number of learners then grew to 700.

We joined Curro in 2016

In 2009, we added the pre-primary section, with 150 children. This remarkable growth proved to us that our school indeed offers what parents want for their children – a balance between academics, sport and culture, all of a high standard. On 1 March 2016, we proudly became a Curro Select school and, today, we have more than 2 300 learners.