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Our learners have always experienced a sense of family at school. As a graduate, you are still a part of that great family. That’s why Curro Alumni reconnects you with your fellow graduates by sharing your success stories, updates you on what’s happening at your school, and gives you access to significant school events. You also get exclusive savings on your children’s school fees so that they can also get the excellent Curro education you did! Many alumni members have even returned to our schools as teachers, sports coaches, and marketers!

Join your fellow classmates in this exciting programme!


Find your alma mater

Find out the latest of what’s happening at your school. There has been so much growth, so much excitement, such joy, and we want to share it with you!


Curro is celebrating 25 years of quality education – have a look


Why to join Curro Alumni

The benefits of this programme apply to members who matriculated at any school in the Curro group – even if you matriculated at a Curro Select school before they joined the group. Learners who left their school before matriculating can, unfortunately, not make use of these benefits. 

As an alumni member, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Exclusive savings on school fees (50% off enrolment fees and 10% off school fees) for your children at all Curro schools in South Africa
  • Assurance that your children get the excellent Curro education you did.
  • Special rates at STADIO Holdings and its subsidiaries.
  • Reconnecting with your former classmates.
  • VIP access and special rates at significant sports and cultural events.
  • Updates on what’s happening in Curro and at your alma mater. 


Share your story

Share what you’ve been doing with your former classmates and read about fellow alumni.


Curro’s history

Curro was established in 1998 when Dr Chris van der Merwe, our former CEO, dreamt of opening a small independent school in a converted house for intermediate phase (Grade 4 to Grade 7). He shared his plans with Thys Franken by drawing their first business plan on the sand of Stilbaai’s beach. Thys was the first co-founder who came on board.

Eddie Conradie (snr), a school inspector at the time, helped them register the school at the department of education and jumped on board. Soon after, Eduard (Boetie) Ungerer joined the group and the school opened on 15 July 1998 with 28 learners in a church in Durbanville. They quickly became known in the area for getting to know each learner personally and accommodating their personal lives in the school environment.

Curro grew in strides in the years that followed as more investors got on board and by 2010 we have 5 campuses with about 3 000 enrolled learners. Just one year later, we had 12 campuses with 5 500 learners and we listed on the Alternative Exchange (AltX) of the JSE. This growth continued exponentially from year to year. Today, we have 178 schools across 82 campuses, with about 70 400 learners – including schools in Botswana and Namibia.

Building Curro Durbanville


Our founders

A business plan drawn on Stilbaai’s beach, a shared vision for independent schooling, and many sleepless nights of hard work led Curro’s founders (colloquially known as the founding four) to build a school group that can make education available to everyone across southern Africa.

Read the stories of how each of our founders joined Curro’s initial journey.


Share your memories

Do you remember the founding four or other teachers from back in the day? Share your memories with your classmates and follow us on social media to reconnect with other teachers from your alma mater.

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