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Christopher van Wyk


Well hello, Doctor! Christopher van Wyk, Windhoek Gymnasium Class of 2018, has certainly come a long way since having cold drink leak in his backpack on his first day of school. This clever alumnus has a heart of gold and currently finds himself in Russia where he’s studying towards his medical degree!

Christopher believes that quality healthcare should be a right and not a privilege, which is probably why he is working so hard to make a difference in the lives of others. After he graduates from Kursk State Medical University in Russia, he hopes to apply for a surgical residency in the USA – with the eventual plan of specialising in either cardiothoracic or trauma surgery. But where does his story begin? At Gimmies of course. ‘No amount of money and thanks to my former teachers at Windhoek Gymnasium would ever be enough. Was it not for Windhoek Gymnasium I would have never gone on to study abroad,’ says Christopher.

Christopher might be far from home, but home is never far from his heart and he has many fond memories of his school career. ‘If I had to name them all I would be able to write a book,’ he says, but adds Grade 8 athletics, the swimming gala, Big Brag, debate and public speaking competitions, and the matric farewell (his fondest memory) to the list.

This talented doctor-to-be is certainly making a name for himself abroad and is fortunate enough to study under some brilliant minds in the medical field – such as Dr Mfutila (specialist OBGYN), Dr Manyere (senior medical officer), Dr Igor Иванович (general surgeon with a PhD in abdominal surgery and specialising in ultrasonic diagnostic surgery), to name but a few. ‘I have been blessed with the opportunity to study medicine at one of the best universities in Russia, I have had teachers who cared so much for me that they would sacrifice their personal time to tutor me, and I have mentors who believe in me – something which is very scarce in the medical society.’

Christopher is maintaining an excellent grade average but through all this success, he remains humble. ‘I have realised that you’re never too old to learn something new, never too experienced to practise your technique and never to wise to disregard the opinions of others.’ These are words we can all strive to live by and we are so lucky to have Christopher as part of the Curro Alumni family – what an inspiration.