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Monré Meyer



We caught up with Monré Meyer, Windhoek Gymnasium’s Class of 2018, who now lives in Tucson, Arizona. 😎He is pursuing a BSc in Business Administration (BSBA) with a double major in Finance and Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Arizona. 🎓
The programme is currently ranked second in the US among public universities and third overall, just behind Carnegie Mellon and MIT, which makes it challenging to get accepted!🏆
Monré decided to study abroad to step outside of his comfort zone and gain exposure to new and exciting opportunities. He plans to stay in the US after graduation and pursue a career in finance or consulting in New York or Texas. 💥
Best of luck, Monré! We are proud of you!💙

Her dreams for our country centre around our future leaders. She hopes that they ‘pursue the well-being of their citizens above any selfish ambitions.’ While, ‘the ills of our nation would take years to uproot,’ she believes that ‘there are many present aspects of our country worth celebrating such as our diverse cultures. My hope is that we remember the good our country has to offer amidst the difficult circumstances we’re presented with.’