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Curro DigiEd Schools

Curro DigiEd schools provide an innovative, technologically advanced option for high-school learners. Our modern, technology-rich schools offer a unique approach to e-learning in class and accommodate learners in Grades 8 and 9, with higher grades phasing in annually. We provide learners with 21st-century skills to prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution. To do so, we focus on a project-based learning programme that emphasises Science, Mathematics and Technology. With small class sizes and dedicated teachers, we aim to offer the most affordable school fees without compromising our high academic standards. 


What is the Curro DigiEd approach? 

Teaching takes place through innovative methods, such as incorporating videos and e-learning in class, with teachers and tutors providing one-on-one assistance as required. By moving the teachers away from the whiteboard and into the classroom, learners can get more immediate and personal assistance to understand a particular concept before moving on. This also helps to ensure that we can keep our promise of affordable school fees. 

With small class sizes and a strong emphasis on 21st-century skills, we offer advanced Technology, Science and Mathematics, as well as a robotics and coding programme. Learners prepare to write the NSC (National Senior Certificate) examinations at the end of Grade 12, while maintaining a broader focus on world readiness and preparation for the fourth industrial revolution. 


Longer school hours and no homework 

Curro DigiEd schools have longer school hours and a no-homework policy, to accommodate the schedules of working parents by removing the pressure of managing heavy loads of homework in the afternoons and evenings. As a service included in our affordable school fees, learners can be dropped off early in the morning when parents are on their way to work and picked up well after office hours. 


Our learners gain 21st-century skills 

We strongly emphasise independent thinking, collaboration, communication and self-discipline by using interactive learning materials and e-learning in class. These soft skills are in high demand in the workplace, as the fourth industrial revolution is creating a greater demand for interpersonal skills. By helping learners develop these 21st-century skills within our small class sizes, they are better prepared to excel not only in academic assessments, but in future-focused thinking through our broader world-readiness approach. 


Quick Facts

From Grade 8

No homework

Future-focused subjects

Technology-driven programme