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Assisted Learning Schools

Curro’s Assisted Learning schools provide learners with high-quality academic intervention within a mainstream curriculum. Learners continue to prepare for the NSC examinations at the end of Grade 12, but teaching styles and classrooms are adapted to accommodate learners’ individual needs. With small class sizes, highly trained teachers and access to therapists in schoolour learners can immediately receive the specialised assistance they need. 


What is assisted learning? 

Children learn in different ways and some may require assistance to grow competent in reading or in other fundamental processes. By providing immediate academic intervention, learners in our small class sizes gain the additional help they need to achieve the expected competencies in core academic skills. At Curro Assisted Learning schools, we follow the same CAPS curriculum offered in mainstream schools, but our teachers compassionately accommodate each learner’s unique needs. Furthermore, learners have access to therapists in school, such as a counsellors and occupational therapists.


We have specialised classrooms 

Our classrooms are designed to promote concentration and serenity, while our daily school times and schedules remain consistent throughout the year. In this way, we create a sense of security for learners prone to emotional or routine-related needs. At Curro Assisted Learning schools, we carefully maintain small class sizes and minimise visual and tactile obstacles by considering the learning environment as a whole. Overhead lights are strategically placed, assessments are often printed on off-yellow paper rather than stark white paper, font sizes are often enlarged on assessments and learners may apply for other assessment accommodations during exams. 


What is the difference between assisted learning and remedial learning? 

Remedial learning involves a tailored study path to address a learner’s specific difficulties and learners often remain in remedial learning throughout their school careers. Assisted learning, however, allows learners to gain immediate academic intervention while still following the traditional curriculum. Therefore, learners need to be able to maintain the basics of the mainstream curriculum with the support provided by the school. Our learners also have access to therapists in school, which helps them to develop to the best of their ability.


Quick Facts

Small, focused classes

On-site therapists

NSC examinations (Grade 12)

Adapted classrooms and teaching