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Curro Rivonia has a preschool in Sandton, that provides high-quality early childhood development for children from 3 years to 5 years. Our classes are divided by age, and we limit the number of children per class to ensure that they are all cared for and entertained. Your child spends their days enjoying our preschool programme by playing, laughing, dancing, and learning while having lots of fun! We also have an early drop-off time to accommodate your family’s schedule.

View our fact sheet to get some specifics on everything your child can enjoy with us – our facilities, activities, supporting programmes, and much more!


We believe in play-based learning

Children learn by discovering the world around them – and anything learned while playing at a young age is remembered much faster and more efficiently compared to anything learned while sitting at a table in a forced learning environment.

As part of the Curro school group, our children enjoy a programme that supports their physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being. This approach to early childhood development is built around learning and developing through play rather than strict milestones. This means that children feel supported and encouraged instead of anxious and pressured to develop at someone else’s pace.

Learning during childhood starts with babies exploring their touch and taste sense while playing with squishy pasta and jelly. Young toddlers learn the basics of mathematics by playing with building blocks and moving objects around their bodies. Older toddlers learn the basics of writing and reading with comprehension by drawing, singing, and more.

Here are some examples of the areas that are developed by learning through play:

  • Mathematics: shapes, size, time, counting, adding, subtracting
  • Communication: speech, listening, reading, understanding
  • Creativity: drawing, painting, correct pinching of a pencil, dancing
  • Physical well-being: balance, movement, safety
  • Identity and belonging: personality, morals, caring, friendship, sharing


As part of the Curro school group, learners enjoy preference when applying to us from any school in the group. Nearby preschools in the group whose children can easily move to us include Curro Bryanston, The King’s School Linbro Park, Curro Fourways, Curro Waterfall, Sharonlea Childcare and Pre-primary, Magic Beings, Curro Aurora, Curro Chartwell and Curro Midrand San Ridge – all within a 20-minute drive.


How big are the classes

Children need lots of attention and nurturing. That is why our classes are divided by age, and there are no more than 20 children per class, based on age. As part of the Curro school group, our teachers also have one or more assistants in each class, depending on the age group and number of children in the class. By balancing the number of children and teachers in class, your child can get the individual care and attention they need to flourish and feel loved.


Our values

Our preschool is built on a balance of values that allow learners to learn and grow into the best versions of themselves. We believe that a good education is the basis on which learners can grow to become strong leaders and responsible citizens who will make a positive change in their communities.

Our value system is based on four pillars:

  • Child-friendliness
  • Positive discipline
  • Christian values (ethics and morals)
  • Creative thinking

We consider these values to be practical extensions of our preschool programme. Teachers model these values and children follow suit. This is just one of the ways in which we develop the well-being of the whole child.

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As a preschool in Sandton, we are committed to giving your child an early childhood development that will help them grow and excel while enjoying their childhood. Scroll through the rest of our website to discover everything we have to offer. Your child will love being part of our family!


View our fact sheet to discover our school times, activities, facilities, and everything that’s included in our school fees.

Quick Facts




2,5 years to 5 years

Class size

Max 20

School fees

R4 990

School times

08:00 – 14:00

Early drop-off time


Meals included

Open during school holidays