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The King’s School has a nursery school in Linbro Park, Sandton, that provides high-quality early childhood development for children from 4 years to Grade R. Our classes are divided by age, and we carefully control the number of children per class to ensure that they are all cared for and entertained. Our internally developed nursery school programme engages inherent curiosity and love of play, while supporting their well-being all-round. We also form part of the Curro school group, and have early drop-off times and aftercare options.


Get an overview of everything we can offer you on our fact sheet.


What your child can enjoy

As part of the Curro school group, our children enjoy a programme that supports their physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being. This approach to early childhood development is built around Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs), which focus on development areas rather than strict milestones. This means that children feel supported and encouraged instead of pressured to develop at someone else’s pace. Children spend the day playing and being creative while teachers and teacher’s assistants guide them through the activities to ensure that the ELDA areas are engaged.

The learning and development areas include the following:

  • Identity and belonging: personality, friendship, sharing
  • Physical well-being: balance, movement, safety
  • Communication: speech, listening, understanding
  • Creativity: playing, drawing, painting, dancing, imagination
  • Mathematics: shapes, size, time, counting
  • Learning about the world: exploring and understanding the world around them

Do you want to know more? Visit this page on our website to discover more about the ELDAs and how they work together to give children a high-quality nursery school programme.


As part of the Curro school group, learners enjoy preference when applying to us from any school in the group. Nearby schools with preschool phases include Curro Aurora, Curro Rivonia, Curro Bryanston, Curro Waterfall, Building Blocks Pre-primary, Curro Douglasdale, Curro Fourways, Curro Midrand Sagewood, Magic Beings, Sharonlea Childcare and Pre-primary, and Curro Chartwell.


We encourage loose-parts play

The development of curiosity and imagination in early childhood is vitally important to the development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking later on. Therefore, as part of our excellent nursery school programme, we encourage playing with loose-parts and multi-purpose playthings rather than single-purpose toys that don’t involve much imagination. Through loose-parts play, our children learn to use their natural curiosity to explore previously undiscovered fascinations such as stacking, rolling, sliding, fitting, colours, and more.


A daily routine

As part of the Curro school group, our programme is presented through a daily routine that focuses on letting children learn by having lots of fun within a framework. The schedule creates space for creative activities, running and playing, singing and dancing, and so much more! This also provides children with stability and a sense of safety.

See what we offer on our fact sheet.


How big are the classes

Children need lots of attention and nurturing. That is why our classes are divided by age, and we carefully control the number of children in each class, based on age. As part of the Curro school group, our teachers also have one or more assistants, depending on the age group and number of children in the class. By balancing the number of children and teachers in class, your child can get the individual care and attention they need to flourish and feel loved.


We accommodate Grade R

We help your child get ready for the formal learning that starts in Grade 1. They learn the basic foundations on which all further learning is based:

  • Language (read, spell, understand, speak, listen)
  • Mathematics (count, understand numbers, addition, subtraction and multiplication)
  • Life skills (physical education, real-life experiences, problem-solving, creativity)

Teaching takes place in English, and learners can even have Robotics as a subject.

See what we offer on our fact sheet.


Remedial learning in Grade R

When a teacher notices that a learner is having some challenges in the learning process, they reach out to our remedial specialist. The learner then receives close, personal support to overcome these challenges and happily progress along with their classmates.

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Quick Facts




From 4 years to Grade R

Monthly fees

R2 920 – R3 900

School times

08:00 – 13:00
(pickup by 13:30)


Until 17:00

Early drop-off time


Teachers have assistants in class

Remedial learning in Grade R