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Curro Langebaan has a primary school in Langebaan, along the West Coast. We provide the excellent Curro education to learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7 and limit our class sizes to make sure learners get personal attention. Teaching takes place in English and Afrikaans and we have aftercare, school transport and a boarding school from Grade 5. Our specialised subjects include Robotics and Coding, while our wide variety of activities include biathlon and oratory.

View our fact sheet to discover our subjects, activities, school times, and everything else your child can enjoy with us.

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You get the excellent Curro education

We are committed to providing learners with an excellent education. That is why our approach to teaching the national CAPS curriculum is based on project-based learning and self-discovery. This approach helps learners use their intellectual abilities to explore the learning material in a manner that makes it real to them somehow. This happens through research, experiments and assignments along with regular teaching methods.


As part of the Curro school group, learners enjoy preference when applying to us from any school in the group. Should your family locate to Langebaan we help you through the transfer or enrolment process so that your child can quickly feel at home with us.

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What happens in primary school

Our foundation phase starts by helping Grade R learners get ready for the formal learning that starts in Grade 1. In this phase, they learn the basic foundations on which all further learning is based:

  • Language (read, spell, understand, speak, listen)
  • Mathematics (count, understand numbers, addition, subtraction and multiplication)
  • Life skills (physical education, real-life experiences, problem-solving, creativity)

In the intermediate phase, the work becomes less tangible or real, and more abstract. To do this, learners start with project-based learning, which means they do research, assignments, and experiments to explore the material outside just the textbook.


Learner support specialist

If you are unsure of which your grade your child would fit best, our learner support specialist evaluates them, and can help to identify any possible learning barriers. She also offers support for learners with ADHD and Dyslexia, and helps learners develop or improve study methods tailored to how they learn best.

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Activities your child can enjoy

One part of the excellent Curro education, is that academics are balanced with sports and cultural activities. Participation in activities promote team-awareness, collaboration, and self-confidence. Our wide variety of activities, such as orators and cross-country, are tailored to the interests of learners in our area. Your child is sure to find something that will pique their interest.

View our fact sheet to discover our subjects, activities, school times, and everything else your child can enjoy with us.


As a primary school in Langebaan, we are committed to giving learners in our community access to a high-quality education. Scroll through the rest of our website to discover everything we have to offer. Your child will love being part of our family!

Quick Facts


English and Afrikaans


1 to 7

Monthly fees

R4 590 – R5 500


07:45 – 14:00
(end times vary)


Until 17:30

School transport

Boarding school from Grade 5