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Curro Durbanville has a high school in Groot Phesantekraal, Durbanville that provides the excellent Curro education to learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. Our class sizes are limited to no more than 25, so that your child can get personal attention, and we have a wide variety of specialised subjects, such as Robotics. While teaching takes place in English and Afrikaans, we are an IEB school, and we also have a school transport option.

By providing learners with a high-quality education that involves academics, physical health and emotional well-being, we help them become the leaders of the future that can take charge of their own lives and make a difference in society.

Get an overview of everything we can offer you on our fact sheet.

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You get the excellent Curro education

As an IEB school, our approach to teaching the national CAPS curriculum is based on project-based learning and self-discovery. This approach allows our high school learners to explore the learning material beyond just the textbook through research, experiments and assignments, while preparing them for their final exams in Grade 12. Regular assessments and tests take place, but it’s important to us that learners can use their intellectual abilities to make the material real to them in some way. This teaches learners to take initiative and make connections between pieces of knowledge – which further develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.


What happens in Grade 8 to Grade 12

Our senior phase starts by helping Grade 8 learners grow accustomed to the greater workload of higher intensity in high school. We limit the number of learners in each class to ensure that they get individual attention in exactly the places they need. Our learners also receive guidance when choosing their elective subjects at the end of Grade 9. From Grade 10, we prepare learners for their final exams in Grade 12. However, we focus on more than just assessments, by applying the work to real-life situations.

This helps learners to understand the work much better, and further empowers them with knowledge and skills to become the leaders of the future. Teaching takes place in English and Afrikaans, and learners can choose Afrikaans or English as additional language options.


Curro Durbanville high school dance and drama


As part of the Curro school group, learners enjoy preference when applying to us from any school in the group. Nearby primary schools whose learners could easily progress to us include Curro Brackenfell with Curro Century City and a bit further away.


We have an afternoon school option

As a high school in Groot Phesantekraal, Durbanville that driven learners who balance high academic goals with high-performance sports and cultural activities have unique needs in finding time for all their responsibilities. That is why we launched an afternoon school option – also known as CurroPM. Learners enrolled for this option still have access to all school facilities and activities, they still get the excellent Curro education they know, and they still write the IEB exam at the end of Grade 12.

The school environment is more relaxed, there are fewer uniform guidelines and learners have the breathing room to be themselves. Also, learners go to school among like-minded classmates, and they can engage with our therapists and counsellors. Contact us with any questions or enrolment enquiries or view this infographic for some more information.


Curro Durbanville high school science


A wider subject choice

Our learners can choose elective subjects beyond what is offered at our school. These subjects take place digitally and are presented live by Curro teachers. Lessons are scheduled during the school day, with supervised self-directed sessions after hours. These subjects can be seen as an extension of the quality Curro education your child gets with us, and they still write the IEB exam at the end of Grade 12.

Find out which subjects are available, and gain more information about this personalised learning experience.


Curro Alumni – let's connect

Curro Alumni aims to reconnect former matriculants with one another and keep them updated on developments within the Curro family. By treasuring our past, we can build our future together. We hope to build a meaningful and personal connection with our members by sharing their success stories and staying updated on their lives through social media.

Alumni members enjoy several benefits, including exclusive offers for their children at selected schools. View Curro Alumni’s website for more information.

Read the success stories of some of our learners on Curro Alumni’s website:

Quick Facts


English and Afrikaans


8 to 12 

Matric exam


Class size

max 25 

Monthly fees (AM)

R8 000 – R9 850

Monthly fees (PM)

R7 000 – R8 600


AM: 07:45 – 14:30

PM: 13:00 – 18:00

PM option for Grade 8 to Grade 10

School transport