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Curro Durbanville has a primary school in Sonstraal Heights, Durbanville that provides the excellent Curro education to learners from Grade R to Grade 7. We limit our class sizes to no more than 20 to make sure learners get personal attention, and benefit from having Coding and Robotics as subjects. We also have aftercare and school transport options.

Get an overview of everything we can offer you on our fact sheet.

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You get the excellent Curro education

We are committed to providing learners with an excellent education. That is why our approach to teaching the national CAPS curriculum is based on project-based learning and self-discovery. This approach allows our learners to explore the learning material beyond just the textbook through research, experiments and assignments. Regular assessments and tests still take place, but it’s important to us that learners can use their intellectual abilities to make the material real to them in some way.

As a Curro school, learners from the intermediate phase onwards use tablets or laptops in class to view e-books and for communication via MS Teams. This, in addition to project-based learning, better prepares them with knowledge and skills that will stretch beyond the classroom.


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As part of the Curro school group, learners enjoy preference when applying to us from any school in the group. Such schools with preschool and primary school phases (in some cases) relatively nearby include Curro Academy Sandown, Curro Brackenfell, Curro Rosen Castle and Meridian Pinehurst.


What happens in Grade R to Grade 7

Our foundation phase starts by helping Grade R learners get ready for the formal learning that starts in Grade 1. In this phase, they learn the basic foundations on which all further learning is based:

  • Language (read, spell, understand, speak, listen)
  • Mathematics (count, understanding numbers, addition, subtraction and multiplication)
  • Life skills (physical education, real-life experiences, problem-solving, creativity)

In the intermediate phase, the work becomes less tangible or real, and more abstract. To do this, learners start with project-based learning, which means they do research, assignments, and experiments to explore the material outside just the textbook.

Teaching takes place in English and Afrikaans classes, and learners can have Afrikaans and English as language options. They also have Coding and Robotics as a subject up to Grade 7.


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More than academics

We believe that a quality education stretches beyond just academics. That is why we have several programmes that expose our learners to new experiences and teach them skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

These programmes include the following:

  • Educational tours and excursions
  • Character-building and antibullying
  • Real Life 4 Kids
  • STEAMD programme

View our fact sheet to discover all our value-added programmes, as well as all the subjects we offer you.


Activities your child can enjoy

One part of the excellent Curro education, is that academics are balanced with sports and cultural activities. Participation activities promote team-awareness, collaboration, and self-confidence. Our focused variety of activities, such as chess and choir, are tailored to the interests of learners in our area. Your child is sure to find something that will pique their interest.

We also have a specialised chess academy which, in association with African Chess Lounge, provides personal chess lessons through a unique syllabus and flexible time slots. For more information, visit African Chess Lounge’s website.

Quick Facts


English and Afrikaans


R to 7 

Class size

Max 20 learners

Monthly fees

R5 900 – R7 000


07:45 – 14:15
(end times vary)


Until 18:00 

School transport