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Curro Durbanville is an independent school in Sonstraal Heights, Durbanville – the first Curro School to be established – that provides high-quality education to learners from Grade R to Grade 7. With small class sizes, dedicated teachers and an enhanced curriculum, we empower learners with 21st-century skills and knowledge to grow into high-performing, self-confident individuals who are ready to become the leaders of the future. 


Foundation phase: Grade R to Grade 3 

With dedicated teachers and small class sizes, our foundation phase starts by providing the emotional and intellectual foundation required to handle the formal learning that starts in Grade 1. We then gradually develop learners’ skills and knowledge in basic areas such as language (comprehension, speaking, and listening), mathematics (counting and understanding numbers), and creative problem-solving in an environment where they enjoy coming to school. Through our enhanced curriculum, learners are introduced to project-based learning and they gain 21st-century skills by being introduced to subjects such as chess and Robotics.


Intermediate phase: Grade 4 to Grade 7 

In these grades, learners are led into more abstract thought and independent work. Our small class sizes and dedicated teachers prepare them for high school by teaching them how to apply the 21st-century skills and concepts they have learned. As a Curro School, we also promote creativity and critical thinking by encouraging children to make their own choices within well-established boundaries. Our enhanced curriculum includes specialised subjects such as Information Technology and Robotics. Learners from this phase onwards may use tablets in class to enhance their learning experience. 


We use tablets in class 

As a Curro School, learners from the intermediate phase onwards use tablets in class rather than textbooks. By exposing learners to the daily use of technology, they are better prepared for the challenges of tertiary studies as well as the ever-changing workplace of the future.  

See which subjects we offer on our fact sheet (see Downloads). 


Curro Durbanville activities 

Sports activities 

As a Curro School, we believe that sport plays an important role in promoting friendship, team-awareness and self-confidence in addition to physical well-being. Therefore, we offer a variety of sports activities that include specialised activities. While healthy competition is encouraged, the enjoyment of the game is not compromised. 

We’re hosting a chess academy

Chess helps to stimulate thinking patterns such as logical analysis, problem-solving and forward-thinking analytical skills. In addition, it improves skills and aptitude for subjects such as Mathematics. Therefore, we have our specialised Curro Durbanville Chess Academy on premises in association with African Chess Lounge, which provides personal chess classes through a unique syllabus and flexible timeslots.

Learners may choose between individual and group lessons (maximum of 6 learners), as well as a workshop sessions and online coaching. While individual lessons allow greater personal attention, group lessons have great advantages. Such advantages include learning from others’ strategies, developing team spirit, and engaging in a fun social setting.

For more information, visit African Chess Lounge’s website.


Cultural activities 

Culture is one of the pillars on which our school’s identity was built. Our learners have the opportunity to participate in several cultural activities, regardless of their interests and abilities in sport or academics. 

Our drama department holds a big, professional production every two years while our choirs participate in various music competitions and eisteddfods every year, e.g. the Stellenbosch Eisteddfod, the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod as well as the Johann Vos piano competition and the Hubert van der Spuy music competition for primary school learners. We have also had learners playing at the Hugo Lambrechts Concerto Festival.  

Curro Durbanville also has several clubs that allow learners with similar interests to build relationships and collaborate in various projects, such as robotics club and Minecraft club. 


Curro Create 

We offer two Curro Create programmes aimed at helping learners develop their creative talents to their full potential: Curro Arts Superhero (CAS) is an internal creative mentorship platform with a grading element, where learners are encouraged to discover, develop and display their inherent creative talents. Learners can also participate in the annual Curro Create National Youth Theatre Festival, wherein schools enter a one-act play in any genre and official language. The winning plays are chosen through a series of adjudications by world-class theatre-makers, who closely mentor learners throughout the process. 


MySchool PAC initiative 

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is one of South Africa’s biggest fundraising programmes, raising over R3 million every month for over 9 000 schools, charities and animal welfare or environmental organisations. MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet allows you to make a difference just by shopping, because every time you swipe your card at any of their 12 national or numerous local partners they will (at absolutely no cost to you) make a donation on your behalf to the school or cause that you choose. This programme is an initiative of our school’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). 

Get your free card today by clicking here. 

Quick Facts


English and Afrikaans


R to 7 

Class size

Controlled class sizes

Monthly fees

R5 120 – R5 920


07:45 – 14:15 (varies) 


Until 18:00 





Tablets in class