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Dantelle Joubert


Sailing around the world on a catamaran is certainly a dream many of us have, but few get to experience. For Dantelle Joubert, this dream came true after graduating from Curro Durbanville in 2018. She has crossed two oceans, survived a pirate attack and swam with sharks, but she is certainly not done travelling and even plans on making a career of trying to save the planet!

Dantelle joined Curro Durbanville as a high school learner in Grade 6. ‘I came from a public school where we were 30 to 35 learners in a class so what stood out on the first day was the fact that we were only 14 in a class!’ Dantelle absolutely loved school and has many amazing memories, including Mr and Miss Curro 2017, interschools events and her matric farewell. She even took part in the school’s production of The Sound of Music and, as we all know, Curro Durbanville’s productions are always of a professional standard.

Over the last two years Dantelle has sailed around the world on a 50-foot (around 15 metres) catamaran. She has crossed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and has had many adventures. ‘I survived a pirate attack and horrible weather, saw over 15 countries, swam with many different sharks and got to experience the most incredible cultures. My favourite place has to be French Polynesia,’ says the young explorer.

At the end of 2020 Dantelle emigrated to Australia. Although she does not regret her decision, she has not forgotten about South Africa. ‘Australia stole a massive chunk of my heart, but all my family and friends are still in South Africa. My hope for the country is for all the hate to end, for people to start taking responsibility for their own actions and for the country to become a better place for every South African.’

And what are her plans for the future? To save the planet of course 😉. Dantelle will continue her studies at one of Australia’s universities. She will be learning how to solve environmental issues. As for her personal life, she wants to be happy. ‘My dream is to get to a point in my life where I am 100% happy and content. To continue to travel the world, to be successful in my career and to have a happy, loving family of my own.’

This adventurer claims that her mother is her best friend, the strongest person she knows and the one who inspires her. Her mother certainly set a good example because now Dantelle is an inspiration to us! We can’t wait to see what other experiences await her and we look forward to her contribution toward saving our planet.