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Our aftercare service is available at an additional cost, as stipulated on our fees letter. Learners are accommodated in safe classrooms and playgrounds, and the fees include lunch, supervision and limited homework support.


Boarding school

Our boarding school is a welcoming, comfortable home for learners of all grades. With two to four boarders per room, laundry and housekeeping facilities, comfortable learning areas, three wholesome meals per day and live-in staff, this is a safe, comforting home away from home.

  • Parents may visit on weekdays and weekends, during certain times.
  • Learners have lockers for their valuables.
  • They may keep their cellphones with them.
  • Fun activities are arranged every second weekend.

Read more on our boarding facility.



Modern classrooms

As a Meridian school, we form part of the greater Curro school group. This made it possible for us to create a safe, modern environment where learners can grow used to learning and working with modern equipment and facilities. As part of our commitment to giving your child the excellent Curro education, our classrooms are designed for good concentration and for learners to interact with the material they are learning.

We have the following specialised classrooms across our campuses:

  • Computer lab
  • Dance studio
  • Science lab



Sports facilities

Our focused variety of sports and cultural activities are hosted on well-kept courts and fields – all part of our commitment to providing learners with a balanced, holistic education.

Our activity facilities include the following across our campuses:

  • Fully equipped gym
  • Netball courts
  • Soccer, rugby, and hockey field


View our fact sheet to discover the subjects and activities offered in these facilities.



Have a look

Northern Academy has a primary school in Bendor, Polokwane. We provide the excellent Curro education with controlled class sizes to ensure that your child gets personal attention. We have an aftercare service as well as a comfortable, fully-fitted boarding school, and our ultimate goal is to give your child a head start in reaching their dreams, whatever these might be. We also form part of the Curro school group.

Check out the video below to discover what we offer you as a Meridian school: