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Curro Roodeplaat has a high school in Kameeldrift, Roodeplaat (Pretoria) that provides the excellent Curro education to learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. Our class sizes are limited to no more than 25, so that your child can get personal attention, and we have a wide variety of specialised subjects and activities. Teaching takes place in English, we are an IEB school, and we also offer a school transport option.

We share our campus with a private college that offers NCV programmes from Level 2 to Level 4. NCV is a high-standard alternative from Grade 10 to Grade 12, through which learners choose their career path after Grade 9. By having this college on our campus, your child remains in a school-like environment among peers of their age. Visit this page on our website to discover more about NCV.

Get an overview of everything we can offer you by viewing our fact sheet.


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You get the excellent Curro education

We are committed to providing learners with a quality education. That is why our approach to teaching the national CAPS curriculum is based on project-based learning and self-discovery. This approach allows our high school learners to explore the learning material beyond just the textbook through research, experiments and assignments, while preparing for the IEB exams in Grade 12. Teaching takes place in English, and our specialised elective subjects even include Dance Studies.

Curro’s dedication to a quality education extends to the private college on our campus. NCV programmes provide students with workplace-ready skills and knowledge, which means that your child can immediately employable if they choose not to study further. Furthermore, class sizes are limited so that lecturers can pay personal attention to each student.


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A wider subject choice

Our high school learners can choose elective subjects beyond what is offered at our school. These subjects take place digitally and are presented live by Curro teachers. Lessons are scheduled during the school day, with supervised self-directed sessions after hours. Furthermore, these lessons take place in a dedicated class where learners have access to all the equipment they might need.

These subjects can be seen as an extension of the excellent Curro education your child gets with us, and they still write the IEB exam at the end of Grade 12. This option is not available to students enrolled for NCV courses at the private college on our campus, because their subjects and programme offering is completely different.

Find out which subjects are available, and gain more information about this personalised learning experience.


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As part of the Curro school group, learners enjoy preference when applying to us from any school in the group. Such primary school within a 30-minute drive whose children can progress to us include Curro Hazeldean and Woodhill College. The group also has a fully online IEB school, Curro Online, with whom learners can get the same quality education from home.


More than academics

We believe that a good education stretches beyond what is learned in the classroom – and that learners sometimes need additional help in achieving their academic goals. That is why we have several programmes to do just that:

  • Grade 8 orientation camp
  • Grade 10 compass camp
  • Grade 11 leadership development
  • Grade 12 winter and spring school (during holidays)
  • Extra classes in all subjects at no additional cost


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Curro Alumni – let’s connect

Curro Alumni aims to reconnect former matriculants with one another and keep them updated on developments within the Curro family. By treasuring our past, we can build our future together. We hope to build a meaningful and personal connection with our members by sharing their success stories and staying updated on their lives through social media.

Alumni members enjoy several benefits, including exclusive offers for their children at selected schools. View Curro Alumni’s webpage for more information.


Curro Roodeplaat, Curro preschool, Curro school, best private school, Curro near me


As a high school in Kameeldrift, Roodeplaat, we are committed to giving learners in our community access to a high-quality education. Scroll through the rest of our website to discover everything we have to offer. Your child will love being part of our family!

Quick Facts



NSC grades
(IEB exam)

8 to 12

NCV levels
(on-site college)

L2 to L4

Class size

Max 25

Monthly fees

R7 500 – R8 600

Monthly fees
(on-site college)

R8 025

School times

07:30 – 14:15

College times

07:45 – 16:00
(no homework)

School transport

Private college campus on-site