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Curro Foreshore is a high school in Foreshore, that provides the excellent Curro education to learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. Our classrooms take a slight open-plan approach so that teachers can easily move between learners and help exactly where they need, and we carefully limit the number of learners to ensure they get personal attention. Our longer school hours mimic a full day at work, complete with a lunch hour, and our learners get little to no homework, depending on the need for revision. Learners even have Robotics as a subject!

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A new approach to quality education

We take a whole new approach of teaching. At traditional schools, teachers stand in front of the class and teach from a prescribed textbook. They write on whiteboards, answer questions, and hand out homework to do after school. We teach by having our learners study textbooks, and watch videos, simulations, and tutorials as many times as they need to understand what they’re learning. When they have questions, the teacher comes to them and they can ask as many questions as they need to. This means that each learner gets individual help exactly where they need, for as long as they need.

The syllabus is delivered on Moodle, a user-friendly learning management system that makes it easy for learners to progress through the material. This allows learners to work through the material at their own pace (within a framework), which teaches them to take charge of their own learning and, later on, their lives. Teachers can also log in to the system to see how far each learner has progressed, which quizzes they’ve completed, and where they might need additional explanation or support. 


'The teachers at Curro Foreshore are kind, patient, and you can have open conversations with them and they will listen. I feel respected and appreciated at school because of the teachers. As a DigiEd school, there was a lot to understand, when considering that I moved here from a traditional school. This way is much better for me because I can keep up with the work and study even when I'm not in the classroom. Even though the hours may seem long, it goes by much faster as I love being at Curro Foreshore!'
~ Emily Jones

Emily Jones, Curro Foreshore, Curro school, DigiEd education


You get the excellent Curro education

We are committed to providing learners with an excellent education. That is why our approach encourages learners to take charge of their own learning by studying textbooks accompanied by videos, simulations, and tutorials as many times as they need to understand what they’re learning. This combines the best of what technology can offer with all the benefits of a classroom environment. When learners have questions, the teacher comes to them and spends individual time until they feel ready to continue.

This approach allows our high school learners to explore the learning material beyond just the textbook, while preparing them for the NSC exams in Grade 12. They can work at their own speed (within a framework), because Moodle (the learning management system) lets them progress quickly through the material where they feel confident, and with more useful time spent in areas where they struggle.


Assessments and specialised subjects

Regular assessments and tests still take place, but it’s important to us that learners can use their intellectual abilities to make the material real to them in some way. This teaches them to take charge of their lives, and to make connections between pieces of knowledge – which further develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

As part of the excellent Curro education, we have a great focus on Mathematics, Science, and Robotics and Coding. The knowledge and tangible skills taught by these subjects are in high demand in the future workplace, which gives our learners a head start in their dreams, whichever these might be.

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As part of the Curro school group, learners enjoy preference when applying to us from any school in the group. Nearby schools include Curro Academy Sandown, Curro Century City, and Curro Delft (another DigiEd school). Learners can also easily transfer to Curro Online, which is a fully online school where your child can learn from home.


What happens in Grade 8 to Grade 12

Grade 8 learners may need support in growing accustomed to the greater workload of higher intensity in high school, and to adjust to the digital method of learning. We limit the number of learners in each class to ensure that they get individual attention in exactly the places they need and they receive guidance when choosing their elective subjects at the end of Grade 9. From Grade 10, we prepare learners for the final exams in Grade 12. However, we focus on more than just assessments, by applying the work to real-life situations.

Teaching takes place in English and Afrikaans, and learners have Afrikaans and isiXhosa as additional language options. They also have Robotics as a subject and can easily progress through their work on our learning management system, Moodle.


Controlled class sizes

Our classrooms take a slightly more open-plan approach so that teachers can easily move between learners and help them exactly where they need. To this end, we control the number of learners per class to be no more than 32. This is just one of the ways that we create an environment where your child will enjoy what they learn and love coming to school.


Limited homework

Our longer school hours accommodate the schedules of working parents and prepare learners for the long hours at the workplace. Learners receive homework mostly for revision or when more practice is necessary to cement their understanding of the learning material. We also have early drop-off times and learners are kept safe at school until well after office hours. This could relieve much anxiety from your commute to and from work, with the peace of mind regarding your child’s whereabouts.


'Curro Foreshore has been my home for the past four years. Since joining, I have been embraced by ever member of the school, I have felt nurtured and encouraged to reach my potential, while still enjoying all the activities I take part in. I am especially proud of my achievements in academics, which I have excelled in due to the ongoing encouragement from my teachers. My leadership and communication skills have also improved immensely over the years and I am proud of the critical thinker I have become.'
~ Thando Payi

Thandokazi Payi, Curro Foreshore, Curro school, DigiEd 


Activities your child can enjoy

One part of the excellent Curro education, is that academics are balanced with sports and cultural activities. Participation activities promote team-awareness, collaboration, and self-confidence. Activities such as art and choir help learners develop the skills to gather their thoughts and express themselves in creative ways. Our focused variety of activities, such as droning and dancing, are tailored to the interests of learners in our area. Your child is sure to find something that will pique their interest.

See which activities we can offer you on our fact sheet.


Curro Alumni

Curro Alumni aims to reconnect former matriculants with one another and keep them updated on developments within the Curro school family. By treasuring our past, we can build our future together. We hope to build a meaningful and personal connection with our members by sharing their success stories and staying updated on their lives through social media.

Alumni members enjoy several benefits, including exclusive offers for their children at selected schools. View Curro Alumni’s webpage for more information.


As a high school in Foreshore, Cape Town, we are committed to giving learners in our community access to a high-quality education. Scroll through the rest of our website to discover everything we have to offer. Your child will love being part of our family!

Quick Facts




8 to 12

Matric exam


Monthly fees

R2 950 – R3 200

School times: Summer

07:45 – 16:30

School times: Winter

07:45 – 16:00

Drop off/Pick up

07:00 and 17:30