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School transport

We accommodate the intense and sometimes unpredictable working schedule of our international dignitary parents by having a school transport service within a 5-km radius. Learners residing at international organisations are even picked up and dropped off at the main entrance.

Our school transport service has drop-off and pickup points in the following areas:

  • Alphen Park
  • Arcadia
  • Brooklyn
  • Lukasrand
  • Menlopark
  • Meyers Park
  • Monument Park
  • Nieuw Muckleneuk
  • Silverton
  • Waterkloof


Supreme safety and security protocols

The vast majority of our learners’ parents are international dignitaries based at embassies, commissions, agencies, and other international organisations throughout Pretoria. Therefore, we maintain very strict access control, pick-up permissions, and superior general security protocols. Learners may be picked up only by individuals with written authorisation, and we further maintain security protocols approved by the surrounding institutions. In addition, due to the high-profile status of many of our parents, we go to great lengths to ensure our learners’ confidentiality and digital safety. This includes having no social media presence, not using e-learning devices in class, and limiting cellphone activity during the school day.

Contact us to discuss in-depth our further extensive safety and security protocols.


Special enrolment accommodations

We understand that international dignitaries might be transferred to other countries at short notice. This is why learners are enrolled anew each year, the notice period is just 3 months, and we closely cooperate with relocation officers before and during the enrolment process. Also, as we are a Cambridge school, learners relocating to oversees countries can easily integrate into a school that also offers the Cambridge curriculum.


Arrange a tour

Courtney House International has an AS/A level campus in Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria. We provide the excellent Cambridge curriculum to learners from Year 11 to Year 13 (16 to 19 years old) and limit our class sizes to make sure learners get personal attention. Teaching takes place in English, we support our foreign learners by having Afrikaans, French, and Spanish language subjects.

Furthermore, we specialise in accommodating learners of international dignitaries based at embassies, commissions, agencies, and other international organisations throughout Pretoria. We also form part of the Curro school group, maintain supreme security protocols, and have aftercare and school transport options.

Contact us to arrange a tour of our stunning campus for yourself or your organisation’s relocation officer.

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