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Windhoek Gymnasium Matric 2022

You had a bear celebrity with a special bear identity, who helped you forget your worries and your strife. Matric is an important and often stressful year, but it’s also a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Your school’s teddy shared in the experience! 


Let’s hear it from your head girl and boy 

Head girl: Mioné Garbers 

Being part of Windhoek Gymnasium for the past 12 years has been a great privilege and being the head girl for 2022 is the cherry on top. Not only did my school provide me with exceptional opportunities in sport, culture and academics, it also prepared me for my future. The hard work of the teachers ensures that I will be able to go to a world-class university and be successful in my future career. I will forever be thankful for every teacher who helped me – from writing my first word to being able to complete AS Levels in matric. 

The building blocks that Windhoek Gymnasium provided me with is one of the main reasons that I am able to chase my dreams today. The Christian environment I experienced at my school made me into the person I am today. I am grateful for the memories and friends that Windhoek Gymnasium gave me. I never believed that time flies until this year. I want to tell my fellow Gimmies to embrace every moment, because it really goes by fast and you can honestly not get a better place to spend that time than at Windhoek Gymnasium. Thank you for 12 fantastic years and thank you for the trust that you put in me to be your head girl! 


Head boy: Bergran Jensen 

I have been in Windhoek Gymnasium since Grade 8 (2018) and I still remember the first day when I entered the school premises and had the instant feeling of being part of a lovely family. Although it took a while for me to adapt, as I was in a German school before, Windhoek Gymnasium has moulded and shaped me into the leader that I have become today. 

I feel like I have become better at getting to know myself as this school creates a very comfortable environment for its learners. It has taught me to work with a wide variety of people with different opinions and backgrounds. The time that I spent with my friends (who can now be called my family) will never be forgotten. Gimmie blood will always be in my veins! Thank you to all the teachers, staff members and friends who have changed my life and created memories that will stick with me till the end of time. 


Here's to the Class of 2022 … 

Front, from left: Rowan Henshaw-Dann, Taro Samuelson, Bergran Jensen, Herman Coetzee, Mioné Garbers, Elzandro van Wyk, Rewaldo Diergaardt, Daneel van der Walt, Nduduzo Phiri and William Klazen 

Second row, from left: Aniel Sutherland, Marco van Zyl, Aneska Volker, Andrea Rakow, Anette Potgieter, Cari Steenkamp, Lana Meyer, Rone Rieger, Dirk Theunissen, George Titus, Tuane Silver and Thomas Theron 

Third row, from left: Stasia Steenkamp, Divan Steyn, Munel Meyer, Helena Steenkamp, Chris-Mari van Wyk, Danelle Bronkhorts, Eva Kazembe, Alicia Makoi, Nina Horn, Shani Nel, Lize-Mari Harmse, Hayley Schickerling, Jorick Muir, Dylan Leicher, Dian Jacobs, Dante Muller and Jonathan Solomon 

Fourth row, from left: Zena Sales, Mhlali Gura, Kristen Damens, Uaka Black, Innocentia Mukubi, Lené du Plessis, Faith Enkali, Leonardine Apollus, Cherizaan Zwartz, Christophe Kruger, Lea Sophi von Koenen, Jana Wyers, Hanru Truter, Richard Ludwig and Hendrik van Wyk 

Last row, from left: Samson Mendai, Tune Shipulwa, Anatoria Tukwayi, Rijamekee Tjiraso, Zennen Kapolo, Zander Smith, Chiara Witt, Rocco Christovao, Barlyd Koopman, Keithen Christians, Abner Shilongo, Olavi Kangandjela, Allen Andreas, Kimberley Slabbert, Tatiana de Oliveira and Abraham Angula 

Absent: Aiden Landrey, Amor Januarie, Azaiah Soabes, Carli Vermeulen, Christian Collard, Christy Lumbidi, Danika Blaauw, Dylan Leicher, Erastus Gonteb, Fantacia Olivier, Faziela Alberts, Hailey Awaseb, Isaac Fallis, Ivan du Plooy, Janco Queiroz, Jayden van der Merwe, John Pedro, Joy Oaes, Lane van der Merwe, Lené du Plessis, Lione Dembowsky, Louise van der Westhuizen, Lu-hendro de Waal, Me-jeanne Meyer, Mia Brand, Nina Horn, Puna Vita, Rejoice Mungunda, Siska Kanyama, Tarietha Watson, Junior Xoagub, Lenay Bosch, Adriano Winkler, Sheraida Podewiltz, Chanel Vermeulen, Zia Phaswana, Vamanuka Tjirimuje, Neloa Nghitila, Prudence Katamelo, Ngetujame Ngangone, Isabelle Jiri, Tadiwanashe Madziwadondo, Grace Cloete, Lenton Losper, Penda Akwaanyenga, Jasminka Kurtz and Roman Bock 


… and the teachers who got you through. 

Front, from left: Perpe Severus, Winnie Nyandoro, Simone Martins-Hart, Tanja Janik, Liezel Potgieter, Marijke Retief, Leonie van Zyl, Gisella Schommarz and Abrie Myburgh 

Second row, from left: Berenice Böck, Suzette Lötter, Mariana Basson, Elmarize Kotze, Larisa Oosthuizen, Anja Koekemoer, Jessica Swemmer, Maretha du Plessis and Alta du Plessis 

Third row, from left: Karin Byleveld, Bianca Rehder, Sonja Snyman, Ziaan Grobler, Salomé Davin, Saartjie Burger, Sanet Lambrechts, Madelaine Viljoen, Lizelle Rösemann, Charl Maclachlan and Gisela Peters 

Last row, from left: Estelle Oberholzer, Hannalie Brewis, Adri Botes, Angelique Agenbag, Annelie Harmse, Joanel Gous, HP Jacobs and Danie Junius 


So, what did you get up to this year? 


Always fun to play dress-up 


Fun, free, and flowing through your journey 


We’ve got the spirit, yes we do! 


Our incredible Rubber Duckies team! 


Windhoek Gymnasium’s learners are always cheering on the school! 


Action shots are the best 


Get ready for the rhythm  


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