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Curro Hermanus Matric 2022

You had a bear celebrity with a special bear identity, who helped you forget your worries and your strife. Matric is an important and often stressful year, but it’s also a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Your school’s teddy shared in the experience! 


Let’s hear it from your head girl and boy 


Head girl: Vaishali Dhoolab 

Hey there! :) That introduction, nê … unconventional, candid and bold. But so are we and this is what leads to honest conversations and positive growth in our community. I’m proud of this legacy we leave behind. Seeing as this is an ode to us, it is only fair that this message conveys our essence since conventional, we are not. So, in honour of our growth and comfort being part of our authentic selves, I drafted this on our mx22 class WhatsApp group in colloquial English.  

I have weirdly specific playlists like cheesy senior-year vibes, stay awake (finish that task), post-Physics-test therapy, in my feels and POV in a Bollywood movie. These playlists and songs are filled with memories from camps, interhouse cheerleading, all-nighters, bus rides and of course our pre-exam dance-offs – which displayed our smooth albeit low-key cringe moves – which always brought good vibrations before exams. We have grown closer this year as we navigated becoming legal adults. 

To our teachers and staff, thank you for letting us take five-minute breathers at the tuck shop when we needed laughter, warm muffins and a hideout, all the task extensions, therapy sessions and of course the teaching you do not only from SAGS but also life. To my parents and sister, main paagal hoon. mujhe pata hai. Thank you for dealing with my antics. Saranghae <3  

Cheers to our perseverance, growth, past and future successes and, above all, our low-key obnoxious laughter. This is where the rest of our lives begin. And remember – we move! 


Head boy: Ra’ees de Witt 

What a journey my experience at Curro Hermanus has been! I remember the pride and elation I felt when I entered Curro in 2012. Now, as I near the threshold of the conclusion to my secondary school education, I still feel that same pride – and so much gratitude for this community. 

There are moments wherein I wish I had a jar with an ability to capture the jollities of time, so that I may revisit and standstill in those wholehearted moments I shared with my peers – on the hockey field, on sports tours, in the classroom, and outside school. Grade 12 especially is a year in which this was a reality. The year flies by and finding the balance between executing your responsibilities and giving yourself the space to decompress is a continuous exercise. Over the past year, it has been a privilege to collaborate with the prefects in achieving our goals. Furthermore, growing alongside each of my classmates has been a heart-warming process I appreciate. These individuals have become like my brothers and sisters and watching each one flourish gives me the confidence to say that my school truly emanates its slogan, ad vitam paramus.Matrics of 2022, I salute every one of you. 



Here's to the Class of 2022 … 

Front, from left: Taylor-Ann Dreyer, Erik Eldring, Casanra Saayman, Luke Swingler, Raynier Erasmus and Elmia Schutte 

Middle, from left: Ra’ees de Witt, Annika Groenewoud, Vaishali Dhoolab, Sesethu Gxoyiya, Katherine Malan, Liya Hierstermann and Alexa Vivier 

Back, from left: Mila van Urk, Marko Pieterse, Kaylah Boshoff, Michelle Singleton, Deandré Smit, Kaitlyn Middelmann, Eunice Jacobs, Jude Steenkamp, Marnus Prinsloo, Jared Metcalfe, Christopher Taylor and Jaco van der Merwe 


… and the teachers who got you through. 

Front, from left: Charlene Smit, Rudi Nieman, Mariet Lemmer, JP Vorster, Hannes Coetzee and Anne-Marie Bierman 

Middle, from left: Leeann Langeveld, Lizme Koch, Bronwyn Jansen van Vuuren, Elzé Wepener, Annamia Henn, Philna Basson, Madeleine Bence and Marthelle Theart 

Back, from left: Alan Weakley, Michelle Davis, Gerald van der Merwe, Penny Childs and Deon Kühn 


So, what did your teddy get up to? 


But first, let me take a selfie! 


Jabu has the most style 


Getting the job done 


Jabu calling the boss – she’s always on top of everything 


Even our teachers couldn’t resist her 


Our teddy is famous – she even has her own Instagram page! 


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