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Curro Podium

Curro Podium is an athletics series for all schools across South Africa, with northern and southern regional trials culminating in the finales. The primary school finale takes place on Friday, 16 September 2024, while the high school grand finale (invite only) takes place on Saturday, 17 February 2024 at the Pilditch Stadium, Pretoria.

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Participating age groups and categories

Primary schools will compete in one combined team category. A team will consist of 16 athletes per gender group, applicable to under 7 to under 13 ages. A team must consist of 8 boys and 8 girls. Each athlete may compete in a maximum of 2 individual events and no more than 3 athletes may participate per event, per age group. Also, schools may enter a B-team for the Curro Podium Primary Schools.


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And a little something extra …

Akani Simbine Classic shoot-out powered by Curro

Since Akani Simbine launched the Classic Shoot-Out event 13 years ago, with the goal of making heroes of South African athletes. At this event we will be bringing together national and international athletes, as well as world-record holders and Olympians, who will participate in a mini-event of only a handful of athletics codes. This event, which will start after the opening ceremony, will show our learners what awaits them in a professional athletics future.

Also, these professional athletes will attempt to break some new world records or South African records, so the stakes are high with a sizeable prize pool at the ready. These results will even count to their official national or world rankings. Come witness the excitement at the Curro Podium grand finale!