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At Curro Online, our primary school offers learners from Grade 4 to Grade 7 a quality education while they learn from home. All classes take place through live lessons with teachers, which means that you don’t have to do any teaching! However, you might need to help your child develop the self-discipline required to maintain class attendance while you might be at work during the day.

We encourage learners to build friendships by creating study groups and joining our wide variety of clubs and activities, and we eagerly accommodate families who live abroad. Your child might be learning from home, but they will never be alone.


Will I have to teach my child?

No, our teachers do all the teaching! With us, there is a great difference between home schooling and online learning. Home schooling requires you as parent to do all the teaching, set up a class timetable, create and mark all assignments, and take full accountability for their academic welfare. In addition, other online institutions teach through only pre-recorded lessons or tutorials, which means that your young child essentially has to teach themselves. That is not the case with us.

With our unique approach, your child has face time with real teachers during live classes hosted on MS Teams, during which they can ask questions, out loud or in a private message to the teacher. Also, since your child can learn from home with us, you can have peace of mind that they are in a familiar, comfortable environment, which helps them thrive.



Who will track my child’s progress?

Our learning platform, Moodle, has built-in tracking software that helps teachers keep track of assignment and test submissions. However, our teachers personally mark these assignments and provide feedback as they would at any Curro school. If we suspect that your child is struggling in a particular subject or learning area, we contact you with suggestions on how we can work together to help them succeed.


Will my child make friends?

Yes! Your child might be learning from home, but they will never be alone. We encourage learners to reach out to one another during and after class, to create study groups, and to join some of the many clubs and activities we offer. Our learners have built lasting friendships through gaming and other digital activities, and even started visiting each other should they live nearby.



Can I enrol my child at Curro Online if I live abroad?

We are a fully online school, which means that your child can definitely enrol with us even if you live outside of South Africa. If this in a different time zone, your child can watch recordings of the lessons that took place, and can still attend those that they are able to during the day. Our learners write the IEB exams at the end of Grade 12 at your nearest South African Curro school building. This means that you would need to make travel arrangements in advance.

While in the process of emigrating or merely moving elsewhere, your child also won’t miss out on any learning. Our approach accommodates a seamless transition from one learning space to another, and our teachers remain available for questions on MS Teams.


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We might be a fully online school, but we are still a community of teachers, learners, and friends. Our teachers deeply care for each learner and we try to arrange in-person activities where possible and our learners build lasting friendships that stretch beyond the classroom. Join our community on Facebook to stay in touch and see how our learners enjoy their time with us.