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Curro Online is a fully online school that makes the excellent Curro education available to primary and high school learners across South Africa and abroad. All classes take place through live lessons with passionate teachers, which means that you don’t have to do any teaching yourself! These classes are scheduled according to a timetable with regular breaks and school holidays and, since everything is online, your child can learn from home with no time lost should you need to travel or emigrate. Our learners write the IEB exams at the end of Grade 12 at your nearest South African Curro school building, and we create many opportunities for learners to socialise and relax with their classmates outside of class times. Your child might be learning from home, but they will never be alone.

With our excellent online learning platform, subject-specialist teachers who show great heart, inclusive approach to friendship and community, and limited class sizes that ensure your child gets personal attention from their teachers, we are your online school of choice!


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How does online learning work?

Classes that take place through live lessons with teachers on MS Teams according to a timetable. We limit the class sizes to ensure that your child gets the same level of teaching they would at any other Curro school, and so that teachers can keep them engaged during lessons. Learners are also required to keep their camera on at all times, so that teachers can notice when their attention wavers.

All learning material is available online via Moodle and lessons are recorded for learners to use during revision or for catching up if they missed a class. However, these recordings are not meant to be a full-time substitute if your family’s living arrangements allow class regular attendance.

Assignments and examinations are conducted online in a manner that ensures authenticity and honesty. Teachers remain closely involved in the process, and can provide the same level of personalised feedback that learners would have received in an in-class environment.



Is online learning meant for my child?

Curro Online is the right choice for your family if the following rings true:

  • You want your child to learn from home
  • There is no nearby Curro school
  • You want your child to write the IEB exams at the end of Grade 12
  • Travelling to school is challenging due to your job requirements
  • You live abroad or are moving abroad and would like your child’s schooling to proceed uninterrupted
  • Your child is a successful athlete or artist and require flexibility around their training sessions and competitions
  • Your child has a disability or medical condition that makes it difficult (or dangerous) to attend physical classes
  • Your child is self-disciplined, self-motivated and can operate responsibly without parental supervision


Will my child make friends?

Yes! Your child might be learning from home, but they will never be alone. We encourage learners to reach out to one another during and after class, to create study groups, and to join some of the many clubs and activities we offer. Our learners have built lasting friendships through gaming and other digital activities, and even started visiting each other should they live nearby.


Can I enrol my child at Curro Online if I live abroad?

We are a fully online school, which means that your child can definitely enrol with us even if you live abroad. All classes take place through live lessons with teachers and the learning material is available online. These classes are recorded so that your child won’t miss out on any learning if you live in another time zone, and they can definitely still attend classes that might take place during their daytime. Our learners write the IEB exams at the end of Grade 12 at your nearest South African Curro school building. This means that you would need to make travel arrangements in advance.

While in the process of emigrating or merely moving elsewhere, your child also won’t miss out on any learning. Our approach accommodates a seamless transition from one learning space to another, and our teachers remain available for questions on MS Teams.


Can my child excel in sports activities?

Yes, definitely. Learners who already excel in sports or cultural activities can travel and compete in meets without missing any school! That is one of the many ways we accommodate you! Learners can attend live lessons when possible and watch the recordings of lessons missed when they are able to. Also, even during times of travel, they can still reach out to their teachers for assistance.


Take a scroll through the rest of our website to discover how your child can get the best of online learning while they learn from home. Your child will love being part of our family!

Quick Facts




Grade 4 to Grade 12

Class size

Max 25 learners

Monthly fees

R4 580 – R5 400

School times

07:30 – 14:30
(Fridays until 13:10)

Learn from home

Live lessons with teachers

Great school option for expats