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At St Dominic’s Newcastle, we went to great lengths to create a warm, caring home where your child can enjoy their school years while being support academically, physically and emotionally. Our caretakers are teachers and sports coaches from the school and they fulfil the roles of parent, coach, and councillor of sorts, by building a close relationship with each boarder.

Primary school and high school boarders are housed in separate facilities, with boys and girls further having their own areas. The primary school facility consists of dormitories with only 10 to 14 boarders, while the high school facility accommodates up to 26 boarders with two boarders per room that has an en-suite bathroom.


What our boarding school offers

Our on-site caterers prepare healthy meals (including themed dinners) and provide bread, milk, butter, peanut butter, syrup, tea, and coffee for learners to use throughout the day. A fridge, kettle and microwave are also available. Basic crockery and cutlery are provided, but we encourage learners to bring their favourite mug for another taste of home.

Other services at our boarding school include laundry and housekeeping, a TV with DStv, a fridge, kettle and microwave, a gymnasium, as well as a table tennis and pool table. Boarders may have visitors per arrangement, we arrange fun activities over the weekends, and we encourage weekly life-group sessions with voluntary church services on Sundays. We also arrange monthly town visits and boarders may, of course, keep their cellphones with them to stay in touch with you and other loved ones.



Frequently asked questions

  • What happens in a medical emergency?
    We will always try to contact you immediately, though extreme emergency situations may require us to act without delay. Mediclinic Newcastle Hospital is 3 minutes away.
  • How do leave arrangements and visits work?
    We have mid-term breaks and are closed on certain weekends during the term. Visitors are welcome per arrangement with the boarding school manager.
  • Is theft an issue and how is it dealt with?
    Theft has not been a major problem; however, each case would be dealt with accordingly.
  • Who monitors my child’s progress?
    The boarding school manager, on-duty staff members and on-site teachers monitor your child’ progress and communicate with the school’s phase heads.
  • Will my child make friends easily?
    Yes, absolutely. We encourage interaction with all our boarders and have an entertainment area where they can relax and make friends.
  • Do boys and girls have separate facilities?
    Yes; but they share one double-storey building.
  • What happens if my child is homesick?
    Our boarding school staff act as parent and councillor, and provide extra comfort and care when your child misses their family.
  • How do boarders occupy themselves over weekends?
    We have an entertainment area where they can play pool, table tennis and watch TV; not to mention the outings they can enjoy. Learners can also use the gym on-site. There is a piano as well as various board games available for leisure and entertainment.
  • How can I communicate with my child?
    Boarders may keep their cellphone with them at all times and we also have an available landline.



Arrange a tour

Visit your child’s future home-away-from-home by contacting us for a tour. We would gladly show you around our facilities and, if you wish, take you on a tour of our school. You can also view our school’s fact sheet to discover the subjects, activities and other facilities your child can enjoy at St Dominic’s Newcastle.