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Caring, compassionate staff, comfortable relaxation areas; true, lasting friendships; delicious, healthy meals … your child (in Grade 7) can enjoy this and more while living at our intimate boarding school.


Welcome home

At Meridian Karino, we know that learners perform best when they feel safe, supported, and comfortable in their living spaces. This is why we went to great lengths to create a warm, caring home where your child can enjoy their school years while being support academically, physically and emotionally.

Boarders may decorate their rooms to make them feel at home and we have a comfortable learning area where learners can relax and spend time with their boarding friends. Our boarding school staff fulfil the roles of parent and councillor of sorts, by building a close relationship with each learner.


What we offer

Our services include laundry and housekeeping, four wholesome meals per day (three over weekends) prepared by a catering company, and we arrange planned town trips as well as an annual boarding school outing. Our full-time boarding caretakers are a mixture of a school assistants and teachers who have more than four years’ experience in caring for our boarders.


The housing arrangements

Boys and girls reside in separate blocks of the same building and there is a full-time staff member on each floor. There are only two boarders per room and they have individual closets to lock away valuables.

We have a daily schedule that balances relaxation and studies, while teachers and boarding staff help to track your child’s academic progress. You as parent are also welcome to pick up your child over weekends.


Frequently asked questions

  • What happens in a medical emergency?
    We will always try to contact you immediately, though extreme emergency situations may require us to act without delay. Mediclinic Nelspruit Hospital is just 18 km from the school and Kiaat Private Hospital just 24 km away.
  • How do leave arrangements and visits work?
    You as parent may pick up your child over weekends and we are closed during school holidays and one weekend per term.
  • Is theft an issue and how is it dealt with?
    We recommend that valuables are left at home, and each boarder has a closet to lock away items such as their cellphones. While theft has not been a major issue, we would deal with each case on an individual basis.
  • Who monitors my child’s progress?
    Teachers remain responsible for academic aspect, while the boarding school manager is responsible for ensuring that the learner gets taken to the doctor, should they get sick, and informing the parent of any disciplinary issues that may arise.
  • Will my child make friends easily?
    As boarders are grouped according to gender and age, they easily make friends.
  • Do boys and girls have separate facilities?
    Boys and girls are housed in separate blocks of the building, while they share a common dining room.
  • What happens if my child is homesick?
    You can take your children home as frequently as you deem fit (on weekends). There is only one compulsory weekend out per term. Boarders are allowed to call their parents should this affect them to the extent that they are emotionally withdrawn from the other learners.
  • How can I communicate with my child?
    Boarders may keep their cellphone with them at all times to connect with their loved ones.


Arrange a tour

Visit your child’s future home-away-from-home by contacting us for a tour. We would gladly show you around our facilities and, if you wish, take you on a tour of our school. You can also view our school’s fact sheet to discover the subjects, activities and other facilities your child can enjoy at Meridian Karino.