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As a Curro Assisted Learning school our learners all have access to excellent facilities and specialised offerings, including our learner support centre (with specialised therapists).


Modern classrooms

At Curro Uitzicht, our classrooms for assisted learning in small class sizes are designed to minimise distractions and promote serenity, while remaining up to date with modern design elements. Our fully equipped computer classroom allows learners from Grade 10 to develop skills and knowledge that would benefit them in their studies and the workplace.


Learner support centre

As a Curro Assisted Learning school our learner support centre is designed to allow our specialised therapists to provide one-on-one assistance to learners who need more help than can be provided in the classroom, even though teaching takes place in small class sizes. Our occupational therapist helps to improve young learners’ gross motor, fine motor, visual-perception and sensory-motor skills so they are able to manage their own learning barriers and master basic skills such as reading, writing, cutting, colouring, and more. Our school counsellor guides learners in social- and personal development, setting academic goals and improving anxiety-based behavioural matters. We aim to bridge the gap between where learners currently function academically and where they should function in order to benefit from assisted learning. Furthermore, our learning support team assist learners in improving in academic areas, with a great focus on reading, spelling, language and mathematics in a small-group environment.


Curro Uitzicht 

Curro Uitzicht is an independent Curro Assisted Learning school in Durbanville, Cape Town that provides high-quality assisted learning for learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12 within small class sizes. Our approach to specialised education within the mainstream curriculum is meant for learners who need additional support to achieve expected competencies in the core academic skills – literacy and numeracy. Our dedicated teachers and specialised therapists build a close relationship with each learner, so that their unique educational needs can be accommodated. 


Curro Uitzicht location


Places nearby

Curro Uitzicht is conveniently near residential areas in Durbanville such as Sonstraal Heights and Pinehurst and is easily accessible from Brackenfell Boulevard. The safe neighbourhood allows you to drop your children on our school campus with peace of mind about their safety.