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Modern classrooms

As part of the Curro DigiEd education, our classrooms take a slight open-plan approach so that teachers can easily move between learners. The learning space is designed to accommodate digital learning and to encourage learners to take charge of their own learning pace. When they need help, teachers can spend individual time with them to help exactly where they need.

Also, each learner has their own laptop or computer to access digital learning material, such as tutorials, videos and simulations. By moving away from traditional classroom setups to this flexible learning space, our learners can work individually or in teams.

Our facilities include the following:

  • Open-plan classrooms that promote interaction between teachers and learners.
  • Comfortable seating areas for group work and collaboration.
  • Multi-purpose courts for sports activities.



Saturday support programmes

Our Saturday support programmes offer extra classes for subjects with which they struggle and learners may also use this time and space to work on their projects or study in groups. These programmes are not compulsory and are included in our school fees. On these days, learners would still have access to resources required for digital learning in class.



Have a look

Curro New Road is a high school in Halfway House, Midrand, that provides the excellent Curro DigiEd education to learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. Our classrooms take a slight open-plan approach so that teachers can easily move between learners and help exactly where they need, and we carefully limit the number of learners to ensure they get personal attention. Our longer school hours mimic a full day at work, complete with a lunch hour, and our learners get little homework, depending on the need for revision.

Watch the video below to discover our stunning campus and academic approach: