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Online learning

At Curro, our affordable online school options provide learners with the opportunity to learn from home while still getting the best possible quality online school education. With all online lessons presented live or recorded, learners can access their online learning material at any time of day.


Curro Online 

Curro Online is the Curro group’s first dedicated quality online school where all classes are presented by dedicated teachers and children can learn from home. Learners enjoy live online lessons with teachers on MS Teams, scheduled according to a structured timetable. All lessons are recorded, and learners can access online learning material and recorded lessons online at any time of day. At our affordable online school, these live online lessons take place in small groups, and teachers track learners’ progress daily while providing personalised feedback on assignments. They also provide feedback to parents as needed. 

Visit Curro Online’s webpage for more information. 


Windhoek Online 

Windhoek Gymnasium in Namibia now has an affordable online school option for learners from Grade 4 onwards. Rather than attend physical classes, learners can learn from home through pre-recorded online lessons with teachers and physical or online learning materialAt our quality online school, learners can be in touch with their teachers regularly, and opportunities for socialising are woven into the programme through team work. All examinations will still be written at school, although continuous assessment may occur online. 

Visit Windhoek Gymnasium’s webpage for more information.