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HeronBridge Matric 2023

You had a bear celebrity with a special bear identity, who helped you forget your worries and your strife. Matric is like a rollercoaster ride – often stressful, but with loads of chances to make lasting memories.

Your school's trusty teddy bear buddy was right there, sharing in the experience, and so were your executive head and school leaders … let’s hear from them!

Executive Head: Keith Wilke

It is not within our power to tell the wind which direction to blow or how strong it should be, but we each have the power to navigate purposefully through any storms we face.

To the very special Class of 2023, I keenly anticipate watching on from a distant shore how you conquer the world, with heart.


Head boy: Thabang Ramokoma
‘Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’ – Henry Ford


Head girl: Agapé Ledimo
Leadership is about inspiring people rather than forcing them in a direction.

‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.’ – John C Maxwell


The Class of 2023

Front, from left: Devesh Reddy, Reatile Sikwane, Uminathi Ndlangisa, Kgotso Sebueng, Masego Ditshego, Jessica Tensing, Matifadza Chiyangwa, Katie Kaotsane, Kwenzokuhle Tshabalala and Divina Barberini

Second row, from left: Briana Tomlinson, Nicole Marise, Mrs Monique Markgraaff, Mrs Connie Ashford, Johannah Minnie, Ropafadzo Manguwa, Agapé Ledimo, Mr Philip Venter, Mrs Samantha Wilke, Thabang Ramokoma, Hannah Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Mrs Stella Zinondo, Mrs Lydia Wilson, Lucia Mangena and Hanata Jooste

Third row, from left: Jessica Biesman-Simons, Amy Hunt, Paballo Nthutang, Robynne Le Roux, Munashe Jaya, Juliet van Thiel, Thandiswa Dlamini, Tristan Bow, Kirsten Wood, Rebekah Warren, Matthew Fordham, Jessica Robus, Kate Markgraaff, Alexandra Goulas, Anushka Rohit, Matthew Perumal, Skye Smallwood, Ntsako Dos Santos Rocha, Ruby-Lee Page, Liyabona Ntlabati, Gwendolene Khupe and Caitlyn Scofield

Fourth row, from left: Kamogelo Kgomo, Thanayi Mutondoro, Jessica Pretorius, Erin Hyams, Caitlin Winkler, Juliet Senekal, Elethu Mbuyazi, Monyake Mokete, Barend Roets, Chloe Wannell, Nicholas De Lima, Callum Stratton, Simeon Van Der Westhuyzen, Kye Morris, Kaden Bolton, Nqobile Nyembe, Emily Piedallu, Megan Owen, Jade Fuller, Megan Vorster, Leelah Pasterkamp and Madison Mayos

Fifth row, from left: Luthando Mavundla, Aimée Crane, Timothy Reynders, Ethan Hayward, Saskia van Thiel, David Barker, Darren Randall, Etyitayo Owolaei, Michael Tomlinson, Joshua Winter, Rio Stilwell, Craig Thomas, Ayton Millar, George Grenfell, Morgan Joffe, Dillon Louw, Luke Hannan, Jarryd Smallwood, Anthea Harvey and Rapha Mokgonyane-Maxym

Last row, from left: Mathew Cloete, Nicholas Tasioulas, Kiros Cambitsis, Gabriella Edwards, David Van Zyl, Stephen Wood, Michael Schulze, Liam Brand, Rourke Boshoff, Nicholas van Niekerk, Christopher Graham, Matthew Osborne, Jayden Crewe, Joshua Watson, Jovan van Stelten, David Morgan and Ethan Newman

Grade 12A

Front, from left: Ntsako Dos Santos Rocha, Mr Philip Venter, Jessica Biesman-Simons, Mrs Lydia Wilson,Masego Ditshego, Mrs Samantha Wilke and Divina Barberini

Middle, from left: Nicholas De Lima, Kaden Bolton, Mathew Cloete, Jayden Crewe, Rourke Boshoff, Liam Brand, Gabriella Edwards and Kiros Cambitsis

Back, from left: Matifadza Chiyangwa, Alexandra Goulas, Jade Fuller, David Barker, Aimée Crane, Matthew Fordham, Thandiswa Dlamini and Tristan Bow.

Absent: Nic de Lima

Grade 12B

Front: Lucia Mangena, Mr Philip Venter, Kamogelo Kgomo, Mrs Monique Markgraaff, Gwendolene Khupe, Mrs Samantha Wilke and Tlotlo Kaotsane.

Middle, from left: George Grenfell, Luke Hannan, Christopher Graham, Jordan Johnstone, Nicholas Johnson, Ethan Hayward and Dillon Louw

Back, from left: Munashe Jaya, Hanata Jooste, Robynne le Roux, Erin Hyams, Anthea Harvey, Hannah Johnson, Amy Hunt and Agapé Ledimo


Grade 12C

Front, from left: Paballo Nthutang, Mr Philip Venter, Uminathi Ndlangisa, Ms Kerry Morgan, Johannah Minnie, Mrs Samantha Wilke and Nicole Marise

Middle, from left: Thanayi Mutondoro, Rapha Mokgonyane-Maxym, Ropafadzo Manguwa, Ayton Millar, Matthew Osborne, David Morgan, Ethan Newman, Luthando Mavundla and Madison Mayos

Back, from left: Kate Markgraaff, Megan Owen, Elethu Mbuyazi, Monyake Mokete, Nqobile Nyembe, Kye Morris and Liyabona Ntlabati


Grade 12D

Front, from left: Reatile Sikwane, Mr Philip Venter, Caitlyn Scofield, Mrs Connie Ashford, Kgotso Sebueng, Mrs Samantha Wilke and Devesh Reddy

Middle, from left: Juliet Senekal, Jarryd Smallwood, Emmanuel Owolabi, Thabang Ramokoma, Michael Schulze, Rio Stilwell and Barend Roets

Back, from left: Matthew Perumal, Anushka Rohit, Leelah Pasterkamp, Jessica Pretorius, Emily Piedallu, Jessica Robus, Skye Smallwood and Ruby-Lee Page


Grade 12E

Front, from left: Briana Tomlinson, Kwenzokuhle Tshabalala, Mr Philip Venter, Juliet Van Thiel, Mrs Stella Zinondo, Rebekah Warren, Mrs Samantha Wilke, Jessica Tensing and Kirsten Wood

Middle, from left: Callum Stratton, Craig Thomas, Jovan van Stelten, Stephen Wood, Nicholas Van Niekerk, David van Zyl, Joshua Watson, Nicholas Tasioulas and Megan Vorster

Back, from left: Caitlin Winkler, Saskia Van Thiel, Michael Tomlinson, Joshua Winter, Simeon van der Westhuyzen and Chloe Wannell


The memories we made

Valentine’s Day spoils for Erin Hyams, Hannah Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Anthea Harvey and Hanata Jooste


Valentine’s Day spoils for Erin Hyams, Hannah Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Anthea Harvey and Hanata Jooste


Our first matric boarder, Thabang Ramokoma


Adventure club rafting with David Morgan, Gabriella Edwards and Stephen Wood


Matric dance invites received!

From left: Juliet Senekal, Rebekah Warren, Caitlyn Scofield and Divina Barberini



The fun we shared with our teddy

Welcome to our high school campus, Teddy!


Teddy with our head leaders

From left: Nic Johnson, Ropafadzo Manguwa, Thabang Ramokoma, Agapé Ledimo, Hannah Minnie and Hannah Johnson


Matric gees, meet Philip the Zebra our school mascot
With Robynne le Roux, Anthea Harvey and Timothy Reynders


Teddy comforting our head boy, Thabang Ramokoma


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