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Curro Somerset West Matric 2023

You had a bear celebrity with a special bear identity, who helped you forget your worries and your strife. Matric is like a rollercoaster ride – often stressful, but with loads of chances to make lasting memories.

Your school's trusty teddy bear buddy was right there, sharing in the experience, and so were your executive head and class leaders … let’s hear from them!

Executive Head: Graeme Waite

We are extremely proud of our Class of 2023. Each individual has thrived in all areas and platforms in their journey at Curro Somerset West and we have no doubt that they will excel in this new chapter of their lives, taking with them memories that will last a lifetime.


Head girl: Esther Jones

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’ – Nelson Mandela


Head girl: Zoë Maposa

‘Just be yourself, there is no one better.’ – Taylor Swift


The Class of 2023

In alphabetical order according to name:

Anja Hattingh, Anothando Willie, Cameron Adams, Corne Visser, Daniel Braaf, Dimpho Matsoso, Esther Jones, Eugene Krynauw, Jaco Visser,JD Hendricks, Joshua Krynauw, Khanyi Tshabalala, Leighan May, Lyle Hendricks, Marlon Abrahams, Mikayla Claassen, Mvelo Shange, Ruan Stassen, Sean Herron, Siphosethu Magwa, Soso Madosi, Tarryn Daniels, Tatum Vermeulen, Wihan Reynecke and Zoë Maposa


The memories we made

Arrival at Life Orientation camp, we’re in for a great time!


Tarryn Daniels, Ruchen Linders, Shanay Hendricks, Tammy Davids and Lleighan May enjoy picnics at breaktime

Siphosethu Magwa and Esther Jones at the Valentine’s Dance


Shakespeare movie workshop


Meet the cheerleaders: Anothando Willie, Mvelo Shange, Siphosethu Magwa, Tatum Vermeulen, Tarryn Daniels, Lleighan May and Khanyi Tshabalala


Time to show off some moves at the matric dance!

From left: Tammy Davids, Lleighan May, Carin Vries, Shanay Hendricks, Beauquisha Petersen, Ruchen Linders, Khanyi Tshabalala and Faithlin Anthony


Our special jackets!

From left: Siphosethu Magwa, Zoë Maposa, Soso Madosi and Esther Jones


The fun we shared with our teddy

Soso Madosi, Esther Jones and Zoë Maposa with Nelson the bear on Dr Seuss dress-up day … Nelson really gets the theme!


Hugs from the girls

With Tarryn Daniels and Anja Hattingh


Have you heard? Sharing some news with Cameron Adams in English class.


Hanging with the boys before Business Studies class

With Marlon Abrahams, Sean Herron, Wihan Reynecke, Anothando Willie and Ruan Stassen


Too cool for school …  sunglasses day

With Esther Jones, Dimpho Matsoso, Leighan May, Tarryn Daniels, Mvelo Shange and Soso Madosi


Snacktime … Beauquisha Petersen and Nelson making the most of first break


Happy helper on Mandela Day

With Faithlin Anthony, Ruchen Linders, Shanay Hendricks, Tammy Davids, Liam Smit, Beauquisha Petersen and Carin Vries


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