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Curro Durbanville Matric 2022

Matric is an important and often stressful year, with a lot of decisions to make and a lot of studying to do in a short time. However, it’s is also a time for you to make memories that will last forever. Have a look below:


Let’s hear it from your head boy and girl


Dash Gilbert and Tayla Esau

When entering high school, you think that there will be more enough time to make the top 10, get provincial colours, be elected to the learner council, win a Kryptonite award in CAS … Yet, 12:00 on 24 November approaches far too quickly.

It’s difficult to imagine living without the presence of our teachers and classmates. We have to create a life for ourselves for the first time, which is exciting and scary. We are undoubtedly clutching to the endless laughter with teachers during class, endless arguments regarding the dress code with our grade head (we love you, Ms Uys!), and every last moment that is familiar.

We should reflect on every memory and appreciate the opportunities we received. Our teachers filled class with love and dedication, and taught us life lessons that we should remember and appreciate. Remember, you are never along – there is always someone to help you. Keep in touch with your high school friends – even if just so that it’s not too awkward when we see one another again at the reunion. This is not goodbye, but a see-you-later. It as an honour to be your head leaders this year.


Here's to the class of 2022, and the teachers who got you through!

First row: Corlia van der Vyver, Marianna Claassens, Frances Uys, Angelica Deel-Smith, Tayla Esau, Shayne Joseph, Dashayin Gilbert, Ethan de Wet, Jacobus Smit, Nelia Steenekamp, Nina van Heerden

Second row: Lauren van der Westhuizen, Anja Fourie, Sasha Botha, Daria Earley, Katelyn Hirst, Nell Ackermann, Lea Abbott, Hannah Steenkamp, Aqeelah Carlsen, Jemma Swartz, Klaudia Ornatowska, Amirah Sattar, Jenna Rigby, Sarah Parish, Amy Friester, Paige Titus, Sydney Muller, Jaylynn Cupido, Alexa Dyer, Tarryn Booysen, Jemma Stain, Erin Carter, Karon Botes, Zita Joubert, Vicky Lucas

Third row: Erinique Isaacs, Geeta Lourens, Danita Goncalves, Jessica Hayden, Maja Green-Thompson, Elizabeth Cole, Cyan van Deventer, Lleyton Olkers, Jake Collinge, Adrian Johnson, Lihle Gura, Neo Petersen, Dian Snyman, Dihann Louw, Nkitha Mbowane, Jaryd Morcom, Riyago Maartens, Carmen-Amy van der Vyver, Emma Joubert, Camryn Robson, Cassidy Cupido, Mijeane Fryer, Joanica Kriegler, Susan Wessels

Fourth row: Kudzi Masuka, Melissa Jordaan, Ryan Henning, Manie Coetzee, Andreas de Jager, Christo Barnard, Armand Geldenhuys, Beurick Kayser, June Hong, Morgan Rademan, Matthew Paris, Zach Heimann, Luke Copley, Kyran Munz, Wian Roux, Luca Quintal, Ruan Mostert, Brian van der Spuy, Donato Lourenco, Euan Muller, Kadin King, Antonio Basson

Back row: Johrden Cairncross, Marcus Hiscock, Owen Williams, Cordell Jaftha, Justin Benadie, Justin Pascall, Christian French, Nur Slamdien, Zain Galant, Jordan da Fonseca, Seth Webster, Raiyen Moodley, Jordan Jones, Avesh Bhoopchand, Albert Diedericks, Marco Antoniadis, Henry Shaw, Jamey Slabber, Daiyaan Saal, Daniel Damons

Photographer: Luigi Bennett


… and some of the fun you got up to.


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