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Curro Century City Matric 2022

You had a bear celebrity with a special bear identity, who helped you forget your worries and your strife. Matric is an important and often stressful year, but it’s also a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Your school’s teddy shared in the experience! 


Let’s hear it from your school leaders 

Chairperson: Akhona Bethela 

Matric. The beginning of the end. But in between getting ready for the most important exams of your life, you get to experience things for which you’ve been waiting four years, such as cheering on your athletes at InterCurro with your fellow matrics, dress-up days and the madness you can get up to with only the people with whom you’ve grown up with over the last few years.  

I came to Curro Century City with a lot of expectations influenced by High School Musical but even without impromptu dancing in the hallways, I will be forever grateful for the young woman this school helped me become. If you told the shy Grade 8 girl that was deathly afraid of entering this new environment that she’d spend the next five years at Curro becoming the woman she dreamed of and ending up as the chairperson of the leadership council, I’m sure she would’ve told you that you’re crazy … but here we are.  

I am extremely thankful to every teacher and peer, former and current, who had an impact on me and my journey here. In the wise words of a visionary in our time, Mr Worldwide: ‘This is for everyone going through a tough time – believe me, been there, done that – every day above ground is a great day, remember that’. Truer words have never been spoken, matric is hard and stressful year but it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime experience that goes by in the blink of an eye, treasure every single moment.  


Vice-chairperson: Caitlin Trimble 

Class of 2022, it has been a journey but we are nearly finished and I must say that despite the troubles we might have been through as a grade, I could not be happier to be leaving my high school career with all of you. 

The school has gone through quite a bit of change and has had to adapt to everyone, much like us. We began our Grade 10 year at the peak of COVID-19, having to adapt to not only new subjects but also online learning. I know personally that my biggest struggle was having to familiarise myself with the new subjects through a screen, but nevertheless I (like the rest of you) made it through and can now proudly say that we are nearing the finish line. 

As my final say in this piece, I just want to reinforce how happy and lucky I’ve been to be a part of not only the Curro Century City family but also the Class of 2022 – you all have made these high school years slightly more bearable and I wouldn’t have changed a moment of it for anything. I’m proud to have known all of you! 


Here's to the Class of 2022 … 

Bottom, from left: David, Urvashi, Ji Woo, Ms Leach, Mr Armstrong, Ms Barends-Neethling, Mr Maree, Ms Bentley, Ms Nadel-Nel, Ms Veldsman, Yunhui, Yoonlee and Sisa 

Second row, from left: Justin, Jared, Lisakhanya, Isaac, Mohau, Kian, Jacky, Micah, Jaiden, Lwazi, Jaeden and Lithalethu 

Third row, from left: Favour, Neo, Joshua, Dimpho, Ted, Ayden, Sisipho, Ovayo, Morgan and Anovuyo  

Fourth row, from left: Mihla, Abdullah-Nur, Ethan, Tristan, Tanna-Rose, Zuleiga, Mahlako, Sergio, Akhona and Aaron 

Fifth row, from left: Endinako, Princess, Anthony, Bob-Klein, Mia, Jamie, Nasheef, Ashli, Alex, Caitlin, Ashante and Khanyisile 

Last row, from left: Musa, Olimba, Ameer, Kayla, Cerenna, Somilangaye, Naledi, Simbarashe, Sibulele, Angelica, Thabisile and Keisha 


… and the teachers who got you through. 

Front, from left: Ms Saliem, Ms Aranjo, Ms Edwards, Ms Bodkin, Ms Dreyer, Ms Kordom, Mr Latief, Ms Veldsman, Ms Nadel-Nel, Mr Muchineripi and Mr Matenga 

Back, from left: Mr Harvey, Ms Mjila, Ms Vivier, Ms Mills, Ms Barends-Neethling, Drake (teddy), Mr Nyemba, Ms Meiring, Ms Karelse and Mr Meyer 


So, what did your teddy get up to? 


Introducing Drake the Dragon! 


Drake the Dragon tried his hands at Science experiments … 


Baking time with Drake the Dragon 


Matric learner with our wonderful teddy 


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