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Creston College Matric 2022

You had a bear celebrity with a special bear identity, who helped you forget your worries and your strife. Matric is an important and often stressful year, but it’s also a time to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Your school’s teddy shared in the experience!


Let’s hear it from your head girl and boy


Head girl: Ciara Manilal

I feel so much appreciation and gratitude when I reflect on my years at Creston College. As hard as it is to encapsulate my seven-year journey of being moulded into the individual that I am today, I know it’s important to share the moments that inspired me. My Creston family has helped me grow from the shy and insecure person I was to the strong leader I now know I am. I still remember the first day I arrived here, I was introduced to the most enthusiastic group of young leaders with the most compelling passion for their school. There are so many other memories: my first-ever athletics day, performing in my first school musical, when the pandemic hit and we were all so distant (but I still felt connected to my school), and so many more!

These experiences created an overwhelming sense of belonging. They kept me grounded, taught me the true meaning of kindness and equipped me with the courage to face the future with knowledge, vision and harmony.


Head boy: Reholele Matubatuba

Wow! Look at us, the Class of 2022, finally in our last year of school – the last year of many, many great years, the one we waited for. But now that the year is approaching its end, it’s sad to know that we will now be going our separate ways and we will not be making as many memories together; however, this should not stop us from keeping in touch and reminding one another what high school was.

This was an interesting journey – from sleepy remote lessons during the ‘Rona’ lockdown to having to care for Theo, our matric teddy. I have to say I enjoyed high school and I hope my peers did as well, even though we did not break out into song and dance like in High School Musical – oh wait, the guys dressed up in skirts and danced to ‘Jingle Bells’ in front of the whole school, so we did have a tiny bit of a High School Musical moment.

My advice to the next ‘batch’ of matriculants is to not allow schoolwork to overpower you and bring you down. Pull up your socks and tell yourself that you will come out of matric better than you came in, even though you might have eye bags from sleeping later than usual. With these words I say, ‘Reo out and Danko, Creston!’


Here's to the Class of 2022 …

The Class of 2022: Nicholas de Bruin, Tristan Snyman, Yanela Sikhundla, Caitlyn Bainbridge, Megan Adams, Owen Barclay, Dylan Green, Bianca du Plessis, Pretty Cele, Reagan Hooke, Nandi Ngantweni, Yusuf Razak, Jordy Carbutt, Lizalise Godlimpi, Lwanele Godlwana, Maxine Musariri, Kerryn Johnstone, Kay-Lee Steinschaden, Ciara Manilal, Kashin Sookan,  Reholele Matubatuba, Jess Baillie, Matthew Henderson, Mbali Mqadi and Hlumo Mpofana

Absent: Anele Cele, Clark Allan, Cleo Nongogo, Ethan Voigts, Fuza Mvana, Matthew Bense, Menzi Dlakane, Mfundo Ntozakhe, Sbongakonke Zuke, St John van Tichelen and Thandi Mahlangu


… and the teachers who got you through.

From left: Siyabonga Dzingwa, JP Oosthuizen, Louise Morrison-Young, Anzel Beukes, Noel Coetzee, Shabhana Bhagwandeen, Clare Botha, Debbie Lambourn, Nyaniswa Mashiyi, Nan Watson, Sibongile Mthuli, Jeannine Lottering, Wilmine Jansen van Vuuren, Zak Graham, Thabisa Bilose and Thavasen Shanmugan


So, what did your teddy get up to?


Head boy and head girl welcomes Theo!


A hug for Theo


Theo brought smiles everywhere he went


Just hanging out


Even our youngest learners spent some time with Theo!


Let us take a selfie!


Relaxation with everyone's favourite teddy


Theo still studying with Geography learners


Theo also donated blood


Our teddy is famous – he even has his own Instagram page!


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