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Imagine an artwork evaluation platform that is free of competition, free of the stress of an eisteddfod, and that's all about the individual learner's artwork – their individual talent, individual creation, individual growth aspirations, and having their artwork evaluated by industry experts who double as mentor-adjudicators. That’s what Curro Create focuses on – helping learners discover and rise in their inherent talents.

Singing, dancing, filming, directing, writing, photography … Your child can discover these and many other creative interests, rise up in their own talent, and even reach a national stage of acknowledgement and personal achievement.

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What is Curro Create?

Curro Create is the engine that drives creative growth at Curro schools, ranging from a local to national stage. They run four projects, all aimed at helping learners progress in their inherent creative interests.

  • Curro Arts Superhero (CAS)
  • National Youth Theatre Festival
  • #Straight2Camera Monologue Festival
  • Advanced Mentorship Programme (AMP)


Curro Arts Superhero (CAS)

The first of Curro Create’s projects – and often considered the basis on which the other platforms were founded – CAS is run each year at every school that has learners from Grade 4. During this annual timeframe, learners submit their works of art – whatever these might be – and are weighed against their own artwork and the insight of the adjudicator.

While CAS has two umbrella categories, we accommodate any form of creativity in which learners might be interested. If we don’t yet have a mentor-adjudicator who can evaluate a supremely unique artwork, we will find one! The performance category includes aspects such as acting, dancing, singing, reading and more. The tactile nature of these items allows the evaluation to be done in real time at the Curro school itself. The submission category includes filmmaking, poetry, writing, vlogging, and more. These entries are submitted via email or other electronic media and are evaluated off-campus. The highest accolade in this project is a Kryptonite certificate and blazer badge to learners who attained 90 – 100% for their artwork.


Theatre prodigy Mia Dippenaar performed this moving rendition of Don’t Forget Me from Smash after being selected for the Kryptonite Concert held in 2022.


National Youth Theatre Festival

This project is a one-act festival, where learners’ plays are evaluated for acting, directing, and writing. These are also evaluated by a group of industry expert mentor-adjudicators. Learners receive a certificate for the play, ranging from Participation to Double Gold. Trophies awarded range from accolades to the coveted Theatre Wings – a blazer badge that shows the world they are theatre kids.


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#Straight2Camera Monologue

Actors pick a monologue in any official language, rehearse it, film it, and submit it to our panel of experts. This project has a competitive side, only in the sense that there is one final winner. Primary school learners are evaluated in the Young Stars category, Grades 8 to 10 learners in the Rising Stars category, with The Stars category evaluated in Grades 10 to 12.

After the first round, the top 10 learners are mentored by professional actors and directors, to further polish their performances. This is followed by the top 5, then the top 2, and ultimately one final winner.


Advanced Mentorship Programme (AMP)

AMP is an exclusive mentorship programme where the utmost creatives are identified to receive exceptional, individual mentoring by our industry experts. To do this, our experts evaluate the CAS submissions and learners cannot apply for this this programme. The mentor and learner then decide on an AMP challenge for which they receive in-depth tutoring. This is by far the most prestigious accolade within the entire Curro Create initiative, and the work that has resulted from this has been absolutely astonishing.

Have a look at Terry Mabuni’s (Courtney House International School) outstanding colour pencil drawings, for which he was invited into the AMP programme:


And a little extra … A Playdate with Curious Kate

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly realised that parents might run out of ideas on how to keep their toddlers entertained. So, the Curro Create team pulled together their considerable resources and conceptualised, wrote, sourced actors, filmed, and published on YouTube, A Playdate with Curious Kate – all within two weeks of concept! The idea with this was for children to have a virtual playdate with Kate and her friends, which included singing, dancing, crafts, and reading.

Watch the first episode here:


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