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Curro Sport

Curro Sport is an initiative aimed at reshaping the landscape of sport within the Curro group of schools. At Curro, we believe that participation in sports plays a vital part in developing well-rounded learners. Therefore, we focus on creating recreational as well as competitive sports opportunities for learners. We also train current and emerging coaches, equipping them with the most up-to-date coaching skills. 


Sports offered 

At Curro, we believe that participation in sports activities plays an important role in promoting team-awareness, self-confidence, friendship and physical well-being. In addition, exposing learners to different types of sport could help to boost their confidence and develop talents that might otherwise have gone undiscovered. 

Therefore, Curro schools offer a wide variety of sports activities. These include (but are not limited to) traditional or well-known sports such as soccer, netball, hockey and tennis, to more specialised sports such as karate, chess, cross-country and eSports – depending on the needs of the school and its community. 


Curro players (internal entities) 

Curro Cup 

Curro Cup is a new initiative whereby learners from across the country compete against their peers on a national level, in a range of sports codes and age groups. A Curro Cup trophy is awarded to the winner of each age group (boys and girls) per sports code. 

The following Curro schools have hosted various Curro Cup events: 

  • Curro Aurora: Curro Cup golf and swimming 
  • Curro Durbanville: Curro Cup hockey, cricket and relays 
  • Curro Hazeldean: Curro Cup athletics, netball and sevens rugby 
  • Waterstone College: Curro Cup soccer 


Coaching the Coaches campaign 

Through this campaign, Curro Sport hopes to equip new and emerging coaches with the knowledge required to become skilled coaches in their chosen sports. 

Dorette Badenhorst, the national netball team’s coach, will host training sessions in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, aimed at teaching coaches how to prepare properly for the coming netball season. 

Ultimate frisbee will soon be introduced as a summer sport at respective schools. Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact team sport that combines elements of soccer, basketball, American football and netball. Coaches at participating Curro schools will be trained by Samantha Fothergill, the chairperson and development officer at the Cape Town Flying Disc Association (CTFDA). 

More information on the training sessions mentioned above will be communicated to schools in due course. 


Curro Tennis 

Curro Tennis is an initiative aimed at developing tennis players into well-rounded athletes who are technically, tactically, and mentally superior. To achieve this, we have established high-performance centres at Curro schools across the country, which drive cutting-edge coaching and development of techniques. We also provide the best possible coaches to ensure that our learners receive world-class training. 

Our learners also benefit from regular training, planned workshops and the opportunity to test their skills during tournaments against international teams. 

For more information on Curro Tennis, visit the website or apply formembership.



Curro teammates (external entities) 

Corporate events 

Corporate events generally occur annually and are sponsored by Curro. These events provide our schools with the opportunity to become more involved in, and give back to, their direct communities. Where possible, these events take place at one of our schools, or start and/or finish at one of our schools. 

Here are some examples of the corporate events that have taken place: 

  • Curro 10 km challenge 
  • Curro half marathon 
  • Curro ITF tennis tournament 


ASM Scholarships 

Curro and ASM Scholarships have partnered to help change the lives of learner athletes in the country by giving them the opportunity to participate in sports and get a tertiary education at an American college. Co-founder of ASM Scholarships and four-time major golf champion Ernie Els says he is ‘passionate about cultivating new talents and helping young players get to the next level'. 

ASM Scholarships has connected more than 4 000 athletes from 82 countries to several universities in America, with an average scholarship value of $35 000 per year. To find out more about this amazing opportunity, visit the ASM Scholarships website

For more information on the exciting developments by Curro Sport, keep an eye on our website or contact us on 087 087 7772 or at



Cycle2Ride is an initiative supported by Curro that aims to promote cycling as a medium for family cohesion, relaxation, fun and possible career choice for those truly interested in becoming professional athletes. Through this initiative, we introduce young learners (and their parents) to their first cycling classes and provide families with the opportunity to spend time together. 

Click here to visit their website. 



Absa Cape Epic 

Our partnerships with events such as the Absa Cape Epic allow us to award winners of selected races with scholarships to their preferred Curro schools. Alternatively, we often run social-media competitions to sponsor individual participants or teams at the ABSA Cape Epic

FNB Wines2Whales 

Our partnerships with events such as the FNB Wines2Whales allow us to award winners of selected races with scholarships to their preferred Curro schools. Alternatively, we often run social-media competitions to sponsor individual participants or teams at these events. 

Read more: Curro sponsors scholarship for Exxaro team winners



Want to know more? 

  • Visit your preferred Curro school to find out which sports activities they offer. 
  • For more information on these events, you can contact Cindy van der Merwe: Curro Sport Project Manager. 
  • Visit the webpage of any of our partners above to find out what else they have to offer.