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At Curro, we believe that every child deserves a high-quality education that stretches beyond the classroom and examinations. Our approach to the national CAPS curriculum empowers learners with knowledge and skills as well as emotional and physical well-being. To do this, we balance high academic standards with sports and cultural activities, as well as programmes that promote strong morals, integrity, self-confidence and many more areas that help learners grow into well-educated individuals who can take charge of their lives and reach for their dreams, whichever these may be.

We limit our class sizes to ensure that learners get personal attention, we often use tablets or laptops in class, and we have several pathways for learners to progress to matric. These include NSC and IEB exams, the Cambridge curriculum, and the National Certificate Vocational (NCV) which is an alternative pathway after Grade 9. We also have a wide variety of highly specialised elective subjects, ranging from Robotics and Agricultural Studies to Further Studies English or French additional languages, depending on the specific school.

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How big are the classes

With an independent school education comes the expectation of high academic standards, a variety of specialised elective subjects, and personal attention in class. Our maximum class sizes generally range from 20 to 35 learners per class (depending on the specific school) to ensure that learners can receive personal attention from their teachers during lessons. Our preschools in particular carefully balance the number of teachers and children in class, with one or more teacher’s assistants to ensure that your child is nurtured and cared for as they would be at home. In addition, learners build close relationships with their teachers over the years, which further helps to ensure that they receive assistance in a manner that meets their individual needs.


What are our subjects

As we are committed to providing a quality education, many of our schools offer highly specialised subjects such as Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD), Further Studies Mathematics, foreign languages such as Portuguese. We have been offering Robotics as a subject for several years and many of our schools have fully equipped laboratories that allow learners to learn coding and programming first-hand. Also, some schools have Technology or Engineering laboratories (called STEAMD rooms) that are equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, VR systems, and other specialised equipment.


Everything you expect at an independent school

As a leading school group, we have all the facilities you would expect to find at an independent school. Our classrooms are designed to promote concentration while allowing learners to interact with the material they are learning. Playgrounds are fitted with jungle gyms, play houses, large play areas, and dedicated areas for relaxation or homework. Our campuses are also fitted with activity facilities that range from well-maintained sports fields and courts, to highly sophisticated aquatic centres and specialised academies. Most schools also have aftercare services, first-aid officers, school transport options, and early drop-off times. All of these, of course, vary based on the specific school.


Have a look

Curro has several schooling models, each with a unique approach to our quality education. Some have a focused variety of subjects tailored to the community, while others incorporate tutorials and simulations in the learning process.

Find your nearest or preferred school in the Curro group and get your education journey started!