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Tshwarelo Masuku


Tshwarelo Masuku is actively striving towards creating a better future, but will never forget her roots at Northern Academy.

Tshwarelo Masuku, who completed her Bachelor of Accounting Science degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2019, traces her current success back to 2014 when she started her journey at Northern Academy in Grade 10. During her three years at this school, she consistently appeared on the top-10 list each year, eventually graduating matric in 2016 with five classy distinctions. Today Tshwarelo is on her way to becoming a chartered accountant.


All of this would not have been possible if not for the dedication and support from my teachers. From extra classes, to repeating the same thing a hundred times over in class just so everyone could understand ... it is their patience, care and passion for what they are teaching that really inspired me to love learning,’ says Tshwarelo. ‘I would say one of the things that I learned from being at Northern Academy that still serves me well today, is independence and responsibility. You are taught to be responsible for yourself and your actions, and to work hard for the things you want.’


Often learners are fearful of certain subjects, believing that they don’t have the necessary skills to tackle it sufficiently. For Tshwarelo, this subject was Mathematics. And yet, through a diligent teacher, this subject unfolded before her and now she’s pursuing a career in numbers! ‘In my first year at university, I found myself in Computational Mathematics and Business Statistics classes and the love I had developed for Maths at school, plus my perseverance, really carried me through.’  


Another aspect that she is grateful for, which the teachers at Northern Academy emphasised, is language skills. For many learners at a tertiary level, the step up required to confidently study and write exams in English, often their second language, is a bridge too far. ‘I found myself very grateful for the communication skills I acquired in high school which ensured that I was not at a disadvantage during lectures and through my studying.’


It is notable that when it comes to her time at Northern Academy, Tshwarelo – a boarding school resident – gives thanks to all the members of staff. ‘From the boarding school monitors, through to the kitchen staff, our teachers, teachers’ assistants and the admin staff, each and every one contributed to the person I became,’ she says. It is clear that the impact that a good high school can have on a learner’s life is significant. Tshwarelo is proud to be a former learner of Northern Academy and her school is even prouder of her.


‘A true candidate of Curro’s #Learners2Leaders campaign, Tshwarelo is the type of learner who the Curro group hopes to nurture – one who doesn’t forget her roots, while actively striving towards creating a better future. We are certainly proud to have Tshwarelo as a Northern Academy alumna, and we look forward to seeing her bright future unfold,’ says Chris Jansen van Rensburg, Executive Head at Northern Academy – and we couldn’t agree more!