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Tristen du Toit


For many of us, the activities in which we take part while at school are quickly forgotten once we leave the campus for the last time. So rarely do we continue with that which was our passion. Tristen du Toit’s story is a little different though … actually, a lot different. She has taken her school passions and turned them into a career, and study path – choreographing a bright future for herself.

Tristen, Curro Durbanville Class of 2017, is currently in her final year of studying performance arts (dance, drama and musical theatre) at the Waterfront Theatre College, where she is also a dance teacher. She has done amazingly well and is living her dream. ‘I am an internationally qualified street-dance teacher, have obtained advanced levels in all dance and performance genres and am in the process of obtaining my international qualification in tap dance, as well as my Licentiate degree in performing arts.’ Being a dance teacher is not something Tristen ever saw herself doing but this has quickly become one of her biggest passions in life. Her students have taught her that each person is on their own unique journey to their own destination.

Tristen’s journey, and her love for the arts, began while she was still at school. ‘The biggest highlights had to be choreographing the Mr and Mrs Curro events in 2015 and 2017, as well as being the choreographer and lead dancer of the musical ‘Snow’ in 2016. I also obtained my Protea Colours in hip-hop and had the privilege of representing my country in the World Hip-hop Dance Championships for three years in a row.’

Although Tristen is motivated and inspired by her parents, who are her best friends, she credits her History teacher, Mrs Swanepoel, and her Mathematics teacher, Mrs Classens, for helping her become the person she is today. ‘They had so much influence on how I think and analyse and go about my day-to-day life. They taught me to be kind to myself and others, to always dig deeper, find the reason and to do nothing less than trying my best.’

This is exactly what Tristen has been doing and will continue to do … her best, and she has big plans. ‘I plan to perform and teach worldwide – choreographing shows, teaching workshops and incentives and collaborating with other artists and performers to create content that celebrates our passion. My dream is to inspire performers worldwide to embrace and celebrate themselves and each other, to surrender to the process, allow themselves to feel, and to take those feelings and channel them into their craft – without fear or expectations; only love, support and guidance.’

To celebrate ourselves and our unique talents is Tristen’s wish for everyone in our country. We must not attempt to conform to how the world is but make our own way, helping one another along the way. ‘Our country lacks in many ways and people suffer for it daily, but two halves make one whole and together, united, we can make a change. If we keep moving, learning and have the desire to grow, nothing can break us down.’ Wise words, Tristen. Thank you for setting an example for us all.