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Soné Nell

Soné Nell

Curro Langebaan - 2016


Did someone say ‘moo’? If they did, Soné Nell, Curro Langebaan Class of 2016, might come running because she cares a lot about cows! She is currently looking at ways in which the methane they (and other ruminant animals) produce can be limited. Sounds like one might need a degree for this … luckily, Soné’s got this covered! 

After matriculating, Soné went on to study at Stellenbosch University from where she obtained her BScAgri Animal Science – cum laude! Now she is working towards her MSc in ruminant nutrition. ‘My project looks at using two specific ingredients to reduce methane emissions in ruminant animals such as cattle and sheep,’ she explains.

Once she completes her master’s degree, Soné hopes to do her PhD. ‘I want to remain in research to constantly seek new ways of improving animal agriculture, eco-agriculture, animal welfare and food security. While doing research, I dream of becoming a university lecturer and teaching the next generations.’

Soné is driven by a desire to contribute to the future of a South Africa where everyone has access to food that was produced sustainably. ‘I want South Africa to be a pioneer in the field of sustainable farming by farming without negative repercussions for our planet,’ she says.

While Soné is very happy in her field of research, Curro Langebaan will always have a special place in her heart for a variety of reasons. She remembers the teachers who supported her when she was going through a challenging time and lists this as a highlight of her schooling journey. Soné also met her now-husband at Curro Langebaan. They met on an exchange trip to Germany which the school organised. But what is her first memory of school? ‘The tuck shop,’ she laughs. 😊

We look forward to Soné’s research being put into action by the farmers of our country. This is just the first step in her journey towards making South Africa a healthier, happier place for all.