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Odette van der Westhuizen


Curro Castle Serengeti teacher’s assistant

Odette was among the first group of Afrikaans learners at Curro Serengeti. After matriculating in 2017, she decided to dedicate her studies to education and is currently in the third year of her degree. Odette has been doing so well in her third year that Dr Sharita Lalla (Executive Head, Curro Serengeti) recently gave her the opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant at the Castle. Her goal is to finish her qualification and move over to teach at Curro Serengeti primary school. We asked Odette about her impressions as a learner at Curro Serengeti.

‘When I first set foot in Curro Serengeti high school, I thought: “Wow! This place is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.” It was a whole different experience to the previous school I was in and I would not change it for the world. I learned so many different things from the amazing teachers. Their guidance gave me extra voema to do the best I could do. The friends I made there, and the memories we made together, will never be forgotten.'

‘Curro Serengeti high school is not just a school, it's a family.’ – Odette van der Westhuizen, former Curro Serengeti learner, and now employee.