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Noxolo Linda


It’s only logical – Noxolo, Meridian Cosmo City Class of 2017, is so good at Mathematics that she is planning to start her own logistics company someday.

Noxolo has always loved the power of logic. This was taken to new heights by her Grade 10 Mathematics teacher, Mr Ngunda. ‘He introduced us to what maths really is – a life-changing shift in perspective,’ says Noxolo. After these words from her teacher, Noxolo’s drive and ambition had a powerful direction.

After completing her BCom in Logistics Management at the University of Johannesburg, Noxolo took up an internship with the world’s largest brewing company, Anheuser-Busch InBev. This is just the next step in her journey as she has plans to study further and ultimately wants to establish her own company. She looks up to the giants in the industry, especially Maria Cebisile Mzimela who has a long history in the logistics industry in South Africa.

While Noxolo is still in the early stages of her journey, there have been many achievements that have acted as important road markers along the way. Her favourite school memories are of leadership and awards ceremonies – not because of the prizes themselves, but because of what they represent: the culmination of months, even years, of hard work and dedication. Those ceremonies indicated that she had achieved her goal, that she was one step further in her journey.


While Noxolo’s ambition is admirable, she strives not only for herself, but for those around her. Noxolo shares, ‘My hope for the country is for the economic state to stabilise in order for new opportunities to form and more matriculants to get space to study further.’ Noxolo will be one of those people creating opportunities for those coming up the ranks. She takes this love for others even further as she is currently working on an NPO, BigSIS, which aims to inspire and assist young girls to build themselves and prepare for university.


Not only is Noxolo taking steady steps towards her ultimate goal, she’s bringing others along.