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Marulani Fibiger


‘You do not need to do what you decided to do when you were young – change your path if you feel the need to, change your career if you feel stuck.’

These words by Marulani Fibigir, Curro Serengeti Class of 2015, will resonate with many of us. Not all of us knew exactly what we wanted to do immediately after school. Marulani didn’t. She took two gap years before embarking on her current journey of being a graphic designer.

Graphic designers do not sit around all day and make pretty pictures. No! Graphic design is a craft that requires a special skill set. Conveying messages through visuals is not as easy as you might think. Marulani had to work long and hard to develop this skill, which included obtaining a Bachelor of Audio-visual Design from Inscape, Pretoria. ‘I dream to be the best possible version of myself, to be an inspiration to others, and be in my dream job by the age of 30!’

Her aim to be an inspiration to others has been embedded in her personality since her school days. ‘I always enjoyed every moment [of school], from athletics to culture to slow days spent in class. The biggest highlight was being able to motivate others and being a role model for the younger grades while in matric,’ says Marulani.

But who motivates and inspires her? ‘Currently, my biggest inspiration would have to be my husband. Not just because of who he is today but because of what he has achieved in his life,’ Marulani answers. We are sure she is an inspiration to him as well. How could she not be? She has done some amazing things.

‘Life has been a rollercoaster of emotions! If I could give any advice to someone, it would have to be that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, with enough effort and dedication. Change your path if you feel the need to. Take a gap year and explore everything you possibly can! I took two gap years after school. I taught dancing, sold cars for a bit, had some experience in the pet industry, stayed at home to do small courses, and even planned on leaving the country. I discovered my passion for film and design in those two years – not because of what I did but because everything I did had to be documented in some way; my creativity was running wild.’

We are really inspired by Marulani’s outlook on life. She tells us, ‘Be yourself, it’s just easier this way. Focus on what lies ahead instead of looking back at the past. It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.’ Thank you for reminding us, Marulani!