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Marique Terblanche

Marique Terblanche

Curro Aurora - 2015


Marique Terblanche cares about our youth, and their education. So, to no surprise, she is currently a teacher who assists children with barriers to their learning. This drive to help was inspired by her years at Curro Aurora, from where she matriculated in 2015.

From her first moments on campus, Marique knew that Curro Aurora was the school for her. She was chosen to be head girl and she loved playing netball. She shares, ‘I loved being able to serve the school about which I was passionate, and I absolutely loved the passion and energy of the girls in my netball team.’ One of her favourite school memories is of the netball and hockey teams travelling to KwaZulu-Natal in 2014 to participate in the Treverton Festival. ‘This was such a special and fun experience, which was so beneficial during a difficult time in my life,’ she says.

Marique draws inspiration from her dad. ‘He faced a critical health scare that lasted a few years. He is well now, but it took a while for him to get back to himself. The tenacity and hard work he showed, and his attitude and drive to fight his way back to his family have always moved me. He inspires me to work hard, to love deeply and to always fight for the life you want,’ she explains.

After school Marique went on to study and obtained her undergraduate degree from Monash University, double majoring in economics and management. She is currently enrolled at North-West University, studying towards her Postgraduate Certificate in Education. As if this is not enough, she is also working at a vocational high school in Kyalami that focuses on learners with learning barriers who struggle in mainstream schooling environments. ‘I find it very rewarding. I love working with kids and trying to create a school environment for them that will help them thrive, like Curro Aurora did for me,’ says Marique.

When she looks to the future, she is not certain which path she will take. ‘I just want to be content in my life, with my relationships and make a difference in the lives of others,’ Marique explains – and making a difference is something she is already doing! We are very proud, and lucky, to have her in the Curro family.