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Lourens Vosloo


Lourens Vosloo matriculated from Curro Durbanville with the single goal of becoming part of the creative industry. From a young age, he had sculpted and painted gadgets and amenities for game figurines, and pencilled sketches with intricate patterns that could have been drawings on their own. He was glad to be in a school that promoted creativity and had the facilities to support his interests.

After school he pursued his passion for art and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from CTI. However, as much as his education had cultivated a great passion for learning, he found that it did little to prepare him for the rigors of adult life. ‘At the time I thought that I would be sorted with matric and a degree, but the world of job hunting was chaotic. Employers wanted years of experience I did not yet have,’ he said.

Therefore, Lourens studied further and gained experience by freelancing. ‘I learned to appreciate the importance of a balanced portfolio and the value of good reviews from clients,’ he said. His first full-time job as a multimedia designer at a mobile agency provided valuable experience and exposure to the industry, but still he yearned for more.

In January 2013, he started working at Capitec Bank as a media designer in the learning and development team, with relatively little knowledge of e-learning development or how to craft learning interventions. However, with an open mind and eager attitude he started to develop technical- as well as interpersonal skills that helped him adjust to the team as well as his new role.

Only later did he come to understand that he was in the perfect position to harness his problem-solving and creative skills – and to combine his two passions: creative expression and learning. Through hard work and dedication, he has grown into a specialist who can develop meaningful learning solutions from start to finish and has learned the value of humility, accountability and respect with the support of a fantastic team.

‘It’s been a fantastic learning journey so far,’ Lourens said, ‘I am truly blessed.’