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Kayla Whitney


Curro Serengeti sports coach

Kayla’s love for sports started on the Curro Serengeti netball court. After matriculating in 2012, Kayla attended North-West University where she received her BA degree in human movement sciences and psychology, and her honours BHSc degree in biokinetics. She completed her biokinetics internship on the CSIR campus in Pretoria and has been a practising biokineticist in Bedfordview. We asked Kayla about her experience as a learner at Curro Serengeti.

‘My happiest moments at Curro were on the sports field – not that I was a pro athlete or anything, but I really enjoyed netball and long-distance athletics. That’s probably why I’m back here as a coach. This positive high-school experience played a huge role in my career choice.’