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Karen Petersen


Karen Petersen is not scared of a challenge. She has taken on not one degree, but two. She completed her BCom in Financial Accounting in 2017 and her BMus in 2021, both at Stellenbosch University. Her love of learning was nurtured at Curro Durbanville where she matriculated in 2014.

Karen started her journey with Curro in Grade 3 and was very nervous about her new school. She soon found her feet and remembers many highlights from her school career – including winning the talent show with her sisters in 2009, a very proud moment. She also remembers her journey with Mr Smit and the RCL and the incredibly loving teacher and staff community of the high school and the music department. Her time at Curro Durbanville was, indeed, memorable and she goes on to say, ‘I believe Curro Durbanville has a very special place in its community. I’ve learnt the value of family, focus and support during my school career and I hope that the current and future learners of the school would tap into the resources available to them at this institution.’

While currently enjoying the challenges presented by a gap year, she looks forward to pursuing postgraduate studies. As she looks to her future, she sees her dad as her role model. ‘He genuinely models to me what it means to be like Christ and acknowledge your dependence on His strength and word.’

Her dreams for our country centre around our future leaders. She hopes that they ‘pursue the well-being of their citizens above any selfish ambitions.’ While, ‘the ills of our nation would take years to uproot,’ she believes that ‘there are many present aspects of our country worth celebrating such as our diverse cultures. My hope is that we remember the good our country has to offer amidst the difficult circumstances we’re presented with.’