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Erin Steyn


Girl power … if we look up the meaning of the phrase, we will probably find the name Erin Steyn 😉. Erin, who matriculated from Curro Durbanville in 2017, has come a long way since sitting under the trees and sharing stories and laughter with her friends. She is currently working at two (that’s right, TWO) legal firms and plans to run her own business one day – determined to contribute to South Africa’s growing population of female entrepreneurs.

After her high school career Erin went on to study at Curro’s tertiary ‘sister’, STADIO. She graduated top of her class (cum laude!) in the beginning of 2021 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Event Management – given that she was also chairperson of the events management committee at STADIO’s Belville campus, we are not surprised at all. 

‘After dedicating a lot of my time to the events industry, I found a love for law and wish to pursue a career in this industry,’ says Erin, who now works as a legal secretary at both Joblaw and Carlo Swanepoel Attorneys. However, she is still determined to run her own business one day so that she can make an even bigger contribution to our country and inspire young female entrepreneurs. ‘My hope for our country is that there can be an end to the extreme gender-based violence. We are constantly surrounded by violence, and as young women living in this country having to watch over our shoulders is not something that any of us should have to live with.’

Erin’s greatest inspiration is her mom who, despite undergoing countless hardships, continuously strives to make the most out of life – always smiling and ready for a prank. ‘She is genuinely one of the most intelligent women I know and I respect her immensely,’ says Erin. And with a mother like this it’s quite clear why Erin exudes GIRL POWER! Well done, Erin. We are proud of all your achievements and we will be keeping an eye on you.