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Daniella Kristensen


A teacher can change someone’s dream for their future! This is certainly true for Daniella Kristensen, who turned Geography into a career path after a very special teacher ignited her passion for the subject.

‘I will never forget my high school Geography teacher who played a huge part in where I am today – shout-out to Miss Grassouw,’ Daniella exclaims. Geography is not the most ‘obvious’ career path but Daniella was so inspired by her amazing teacher that she went on to study Geography and environmental science at Monash South Africa, with a semester abroad at the Melbourne campus – and her Geography studies didn’t end with one degree. Daniella also obtained an Honours in Geography from the University of the Witwatersrand!

Daniella is currently working as a junior environmental scientist, but she’s already taking steps to further her career. She is working part-time on her MSc in Geography and hopes to register as a candidate environmental practitioner soon.       

Daniella’s hope for South Africa is aligned with her dreams for herself. ‘My hope is for the country to rise up through people standing together. When focusing on my field of work, I know that by working hand in hand with competent authorities (in environmental departments), and promoting transparency and honest assessments, we can promote sustainable activities which can, in turn, increase economic growth in South Africa.’           

And her inspiration? That’s easy. ‘My mom has always been my biggest inspiration. She’s a smart, strong woman who has managed to support me in every way possible.’ Seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – we can’t wait to see the difference that we’re sure Daniella will make on the world.