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Daniel Visser


‘Never be afraid to ask a question, unless you want to become very good at Googling things.’ This advice is from Daniel Visser, a Curro Langebaan alumnus from 2015 who is currently making waves by designing boats and other vessels for all over Africa – focusing on renewables and how to incorporate this in the marine world.

It is no wonder that Daniel has a love for the marine world, he attended school at Curro Langebaan along the West Coast after all. ‘My first memory of Curro Langebaan was when the school opened back in 2007. I was in Grade 4 at the time and the entire school was crammed into the then hall at the front of the school. The hall was merely two classrooms with the wall in-between removed. We all sat on the ground listening to Mr Pollard. If only we knew that that day was the beginning of great things for the West Coast and its community.’

Daniel has many fond memories of his time at Curro Langebaan. ‘I was all over the place, but some of the highlights are the friends I have made, first team sports tours, my matric year and of course seeing how the school was built while I was there.’ Daniel’s sports coaches and teachers were the ones who first inspired him to be great, but today he also draws inspiration from his parents as well as Bill Gates – someone else who never had small dreams.

After he matriculated Daniel obtained his computer-aided draughting and design diploma from CTU Stellenbosch. He then went on to complete a multi-disciplinary drawing office practice N4 and N5 certificate at Academy IDT in Cape Town. ‘I am currently based in Cape town and working for a marine design office. I have been with the company for just over two years now and my work consists of designing boats and vessels for all over Africa. We also focus a lot on renewables and how to incorporate this in the marine world.’

Daniel says his hopes for the future of South Africa are widespread. ‘Mainly I wish for all to be united, treated equally and to have good education. We should listen to and understand where each person comes from. I believe then we all can enjoy the beauty that South Africa has to offer.’ And his dreams and plans for himself? He just wants to be happy and encourages others to do what they love as well. ‘Enjoy what you do and doors will open for you. School life goes past quickly, and you need to make the most of it. Go make some waves.’ We can’t think of better advice!