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Claudi van Niekerk


From teacher to businesswoman in just four months – Claudi van Niekerk, Curro Heuwelkruin Class of 2015, is proof that life seldom works out exactly according to plan, and that the most exciting things sometimes happen when we decide to make a change.

For Claudi, the first positive change was a change in school. A decision that led to an amazing journey at Curro Heuwelkruin. ‘[I remember] walking through the front doors at the primary school and feeling like I’m home. I was bullied at my previous school, so I immediately felt like this was the place where I belong,’ and things just got better from there, ‘Making lifelong friends, being encouraged to participate in culture and then realising that I love this, competing in every sporting event I could to represent the school, achieving everything I wanted and being named head girl, are some of the highlights.’   

After school, Claudi completed a BEd degree at the University of Pretoria, however, life had other plans. Claudi is now a dynamic young businesswoman who manages three franchises across Gauteng and is doing an amazing job, while loving every minute thereof! ‘For now, I plan to be the best businesswoman I can be. I’m still learning every day.’

Apart from owning her own business, Claudi also hopes to have a big family of her own one day, probably because her own mother is such an inspiration. ‘If I become half the person she is, I will be satisfied. She was always everywhere and probably drove 100 000 km to get me to every event,’ she shares.

‘School was the highlight of my teen life. I loved every second of it. I would encourage learners to enjoy and embrace their school career to the fullest. Everybody says this, but it does go by so fast and you don’t want to be left with any regrets. It’s literally the best time of your life.’

As for advice for the rest of us, Claudi says, ‘Life never works out the way you planned. I went from teacher to businesswoman in less than four months. Go with life, it takes you where you need to go.’

Wise words, Claudi! We look forward to seeing where life will take you next.